Tuesday, September 29, 2015

From the Top Shelf - Unfair

Here is another of those delightful stories by GeorgieC. I've published some of his stories, and decided it was high time for another one.
"It's not fair, Sir. Why can't we get it like the boys?" She lifted her skirt up, and bent over the chair. The boys in the class jostled for a better view of her white pants.

Mr Davies approached, slipper in hand. Whack! "Because, Sandra, it is easier for a girl to raise her skirt..." Whack! "…than it is for a boy to take his trousers down" Whack! Whack! "Right, get back to your place".

The girl stood up, and eased her skirt back down behind her, and trudged miserably back to her place. The boys tittered, and Mark Roberts whispered "I saw your little white knickers again". Mr Davies heard him. "OK, Roberts, out here and bend over the chair".

To Sandra's utter disgust the slug Roberts strode to the front of the class with a smirk, and bent over the chair, his broad backside well covered with his grey trousers as the slipper landed four times. He strode back to his place, and whispered, a little quieter this time "I saw your knickers…and a fair bit of your bum....but you ain't seen my underpants."

Sandra raised the matter at the School Council, and all the girls agreed. Each one had tales of being bent over, over desks, over chairs, over stools, hands on knees, gripping ankles or just touching toes, with their skirts right up displaying to all their underwear as slipper, cane, ruler whacked down. Some even recounted how some of the teachers, Mr Collins in particular, actually pulled the leg of their knickers up a bit so that bum cheeks stuck out for his particular favourite instrument, the strap. All of this in front of the boys, who always got whacked over their school trousers.

The easiest solution, the girls all agreed, was to press that in the interests of equality, girls should be allowed to wear trousers too. To go on about how they got punished was, well, a bit embarrassing, but by presenting a case that they should be allowed to dress similarly to the boys may actually be a winnable argument.

The wheels of decision making grind ever slowly, and it was many months before the matter was considered in full by the Staff-Student Forum, to be passed to the Senior Management Team, who then passed the matter onto the Governors. Months in which Sandra made regular appearances over the chair at the front of her class, always to be greeted as she returned to her seat by Mark Roberts saying something like "Lilac ones today, a very nice caning, thank you" or "You should have worn bigger ones today - your bum isn't half red now after the strap". Sometimes Sandra wondered if she should actually bother wearing a skirt at all, she had to lift it up so often.

Finally however all the girls received a letter. The School regulations had been altered and from the beginning of the next term girls would be allowed to wear dark trousers to school. On the last day of term Sandra even allowed herself a slight smile as she once again lifted her skirt and bent over to touch her toes for six of Mr Wilson's cane. Even as the cane swished down painfully, she thought how disappointed the Slug was going to be next term. She'd actually even, in a display of bravado despite knowing what was guaranteed during the day as she hadn't done Wilson's homework, put really brief knickers on today just to get the Slug going. He was in for a surprise. She even smiled as she got back to her desk and he whispered "Wow! Brilliant! How about wearing a thong next term?" Maybe. Maybe.

The girls all arrived together into the classroom on the first day of the new term, and the boys faces were a picture. "What…What…What the…?" spluttered Mark Roberts as he surveyed the girls, all wearing the now regulation dark trousers.

"Hard luck, perv" Sandra was enjoying this. "You've had your last dick-twitcher, you greaseball. You ain't seeing my panties again, buster"

He wasn't going to let this carry on. "Bitch! You ugly cow…", but he could get no more words out as she slapped his face. Within seconds he had grabbed her hair, and they were pulling and tugging at each other.

"What is going on here? The rest of you sit down immediately. You two, up to the front of the class".

Mr Collins stood menacingly. "I will not tolerate this behaviour. The Headmaster has expressed his concern about falling standards of discipline in the school. He has authorised a much harsher line to be taken". He placed his briefcase on the desk, opened it, and took out his famed, and feared, strap.

Inwardly, Sandra breathed a sigh of relief that at last she was going to be punished on an equal footing with the Slug.

"Right, both of you, over here next to each other, and take your trousers down".

Sandra couldn't believe what she was hearing. This can't be right. She was about to make some protest, when Collins brought his strap down heavily on the desk. "Get a move on!"

She saw from the corner of her eye Mark unfastening his trousers and started to do the same herself. Oh no! She remembered that she'd actually put a white thong on that morning. Mark's trousers dropped to his knees, and Sandra knew that she had to do the same. She fiddled at the fastening and tugged her trousers down to her knees.

Collins spoke again. "Right, not exactly suitable underwear for school, madam, but it is of little matter. Roberts, take your underpants down, and you girl, get that piece of dental floss right down below your knees. The Headmaster has insisted that we now increase the level of discipline, while ensuring equality. I am now authorised to belt you across your bare backsides."

In an almost choreographed move, both lowered their respective undergarments to their knees, knees that were visibly shaking. Sandra started to sob.

"Bend over both of you and touch your toes! And lift your shirts out of the way!"

As they did so, the boys in the class strained for a better view. Every boy in the class was delighted with this turn in events. All bar one of course. As the strap landed for the first of his six he was well aware that the girl next to him was providing a show to his mates that he could only have dreamt about. And he was missing it. All he could do was listen to the strap landing for the first time on her bare buttocks, and listen to the cry that she made as the fiery tingle spread. All over the bare bottom that all the lads were all looking at. He waited for the second stroke to land on his bare behind, conscious that all of the girls were looking at him as he used to look at them. Nemesis.

That certainly seemed fair to me!
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Oh dear, seems things backfired for both of them! Thanks for another wonderful story Hermoine, enjoyed this :)


ronnie said...

Definitely fair. Another good story you have shared with us. Thanks Hermione.


Lindy Thomas said...

good story thanks Hermione, loved it.
Lindy x

Hermione said...

Roz - They sure got more than they bargained for.

Ronnie - I agree, it was fair, although unexpected.

Lindy - Glad you did!


GeorgieC said...

I was beginning to think you'd lost my stories :)

Hermione said...

GeorgieC - Not a chance!