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From the Top Shelf - Sebastian's Verdict

We have now come to the final chapter of A Degree of Discipline, and are about to find out whether all of Lucy's painful research paid off. The long-anticipated birching bench finally makes an appearance, but I won't spoil the ending for you by saying any more.

Lucy eased her position in the seat for the third or fourth time in as many minutes and tried to make herself comfortable. As the train slowly built up speed she sighed and tried to take stock of herself. Her final few days at Carstairs had passed with incredible swiftness and the strangest chapter in her life had ended when she waved goodbye to Juliette.

Her last sight of the girl with whom she had shared so much was of Juliette walking stiffly through the barrier to where Wendy Williams was waiting to take her back to Carstairs in the establishment's mini-bus. Lucy understood the reason for Juliette's stiffness all too well. Even though the carriage she was in was reasonably new and well-upholstered, the tramlines across her bottom could still be individually felt, as could various other aches. However, as she wryly admitted to herself, even aches could be pleasurable. She wondered if Juliette felt the same way.

She knew, because Juliette had told her the following morning, that Juliette's demerit points had earned her a public birching. The two girls had ruefully compared notes; Lucy had conceded that although her own bottom bore a fearsome row of weals, now turning blue as the bruises came out, Juliette's raw cheeks, angry pink with flecks of red from her spine almost down to her knees, were more impressive.

Sebastian had maintained his facade of uncaring heartlessness right to the end. He had come to her room in the early evening, straight from the assembly hall. Meekly, she had presented him with her thesis and remained quiet while he had read it. When he put the papers down, she had desperately looked for some sign of approval, but none was forthcoming. Instead, he had taken her by the hand to lead her to the now deserted assembly hall.

Lucy's heart was in her boots. She was ready to break down and cry. After a month at Carstairs, enduring the most bizarre situation of her life and ending in the most painful caning imaginable, she had failed. It was all for nothing. She had done her best, but all she could look forward to was more punishment and she knew that, without Sebastian's approval, she would not gain her degree either.

In utter despair, she did not resist as he ushered her up onto the stage and obediently pulled her dress over her head when he brusquely ordered her to strip. She was not wearing her panties anyway, because the chafing after her caning was too painful, so she was virtually naked before him. Taking her by the shoulders, he turned her to face the bench and unhooked her bra before ordering her to 'assume the position'. Although she had never seen the birching bench in use, Lucy had no problem in guessing what 'the position' was and knelt on the shelf, bending over the padded centre rail.

Sebastian silently fastened her wrists to the frame, buckling the leather straps tight. Already, Lucy was finding it almost impossible to move because her arms were splayed out at full stretch and she could only look at the floor or crane her neck uncomfortably to try to see behind her. The last thing in her sight before Sebastian pulled a black silk blindfold from his pocket and bound it over her eyes, was a bucket of freshly prepared birch twigs, placed conveniently alongside the frame.

She was so utterly dejected at the thought of her failure that even when her legs were pulled firmly apart, and her ankles strapped tightly to the frame, she did not react. The blindfold served to make her more conscious of her other senses and she guessed that the rustling she could hear was Sebastian preparing the bundle of birch twigs. She wondered how many strokes he would give her. She steeled herself for the agony which must come. Her poor bruised bottom was thrust out and totally vulnerable. With her legs forced wide apart like this, Sebastian must have a clear view of her most private parts. She shivered in anticipation of those dreadful sharp twiglets lashing into her.

What was he waiting for? She answered her own question; he was just prolonging the agony. The bastard! She hated him, yet she could no more resist him than fly to the moon.

The warm hand which suddenly cupped her right breast made her start with surprise and she jerked painfully against her restraints. His other hand softly caressed her bottom, increasing the warmth she already felt there, and she sensed her nipple harden as he gently teased it between thumb and finger.

"You write like an angel." The words took a moment to sink into her confused brain. "So it's time for your prize."

He was behind her now, cupping her breasts in both hands. She could feel his warm body covering hers and she realised he was also naked.

"Face down, I think you said?" he murmured, as she felt his cock probing her rapidly moistening entrance.

The woodwork of the frame creaked beneath them, the sounds blending with her cries and the imperceptible hum of the video camera.

* * *

As the train rumbled on, Lucy pulled out her briefcase from under the seat. She opened it and took out the photos which Sebastian had taken at the police station, together with some stills from the video tape. He had given them to her as a memento, so he said, of a truly memorable day. She smiled to herself. She would have to be very careful which family photo album she included these snaps in!
Lucy should be proud of her accomplishment, and I wonder what the future holds in store for her. What do you think?
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Oh my, it seems Lucy's time at Carstairs paid off very well! What a shame we have come to the end. Thanks for bringing us this awesome story Hermoine :)


ronnie said...

I didn't expect that ending.

I thoroughly enjoyed the story Hermione. Shame we have come to the end but thank you for sharing.


Hermione said...

Roz - It seems that it was all worth it.

Ronnie - Not what I expected either, but oh, well.


Cat said...

Wow Hermione...not exactly the ending I was expecting but certainly did enjoy it. ;) Thanks so much for sharing the entire story with us!

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Cat said...

Okay...keep leaving comments and blogger keeps eating them...hopefully third time is a charm.

This was a very unexpected but enjoyable ending. Thanks for sharing the entire story Hermione. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Hermione said...

Cat - Thanks for the comments. Because your comments were on a post over 4 days old, the comments were put in moderation. My fault! I didn't notice them there until today.