Saturday, September 19, 2015

You Completed the Caption

What topic are these two discussing? Read on and find out.

Arched one: Yes dear she is pretty but when we get home a spanking will be in order for you staring at her so get a good look and think about it when I'm spanking you.

Simon: "Henry, if you say so much for global warming once more I'll warm you up when we get home."

Baxter: Don't look away from me when I am speaking to you. You did not put your coat over that puddle and now my shoes and stockings are wet. And guess what, when we get home, you are going to be paddled for that, you hear me?

Ronnie: To himself - So that's that new club for Gentlemen Harold was telling me about. Any requests met. I wonder if I can sneak a visit next week when Emma's visiting her mother.

To herself - If John thinks he will be joining Harold at that club when I'm at mothers he better think again and a trip over my knee will make sure he doesn't.

Six of the best: "I heard a maid at the Palace whisper that Prince Albert took down Queen Victoria's bloomers, and spanked her royal ass with a cane," said the lady. To which the gentleman replied. "I hope he gave her 'six of the best', the very best."

Anon: And where do you plan to be looking while I'm thrashing your snow white ass?

js666: Disgraceful how that young woman is throwing herself at that gentleman. The very idea. Why, if any daughter of mine were so forward, I should take her across my knee and thrash her bum soundly.

Now you were saying something about a house party at the Randywood estate? I suppose it would be acceptable if it were properly chaperoned. Her great-grandmother, you say?

Sir Wendel: I’m going to spank the Dickens out of you the moment we arrive home.

Hermione: See, all the other men are wearing cravats. Did you put on that bow tie just to embarrass me? You, sir, are in big trouble.
From Hermione's Heart

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