Monday, September 21, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for September 20

Our discussion was on what the spanker says, and you were very eloquent on that subject:

Nina: Hi Hermione, here it depends on what the spanking is about. For punishment there wouldn't be jokes, but lecture and talk for sure, counting too, if I feel able to. For good girl spankings we have often had some sort of fun and jokes, too. I can't for that to start again next year. Wishing you a great weekend.

Baxter: Not really conversation, but when I am spanking my wife, she will say 'lower or harder or that's enough'. when she is spanking me, I will say 'too high, holy shit, ow, lower, a little harder, that's enough'. short two or three word phrases.

abby: A lecture only for punishment. We are both talkers, so there is constant banter. Usually laughter thrown in also. If there is counting, He will tell me and the proper way is...1 Sir, thank you. Rarely do i have to ask for another...

Tim: I give a lecture when I am spanking my wife, and I also ask her a few simple questions to answer about her offense and her future behavior. She gives brief answers addressing me as "sir."

Roz: Most spanking is for fun nowdays so there is banter between us and usually some laughing. I have never had to count, even during discipline spankings.

Lindy: Our spankings are usually for fun, so plenty of laughter. If I say ouch that's too hard, Bear says I'm taking the fun out of it. We just have our usual banter though, no lectures.

Welcome, Lindy!

Simon: Usually during my punishment the only sound is the swish and thwack of the implement, me counting and the occasional groan. Sometimes if I groan too loudly or squirm she might say something along the lines of "come on now only 10 to go" or " you're doing well, don't spoil it". Afterwards she may rub my bottom and say things like "well done, all over now".

arched one: Good question. For discipline prior to spanking I'm told what I did wrong then during the spanking some scolding about how she would not be spanking me if I had done what I was suppose to do. I'm pretty quiet except for the ouches and I'm sorry. Maintenance - nNot much talking prior but during lots of talking about who is in charge who sets the rules with me answering between the ouches. Just because spanking (fun spanking) - she's telling me how much she loves seeing my bottom bouncing and how much fun it is to spank me. I'm commenting on how much I love her to spank me and enjoy just because spanking.

S: D only gives orders, like Bend Tighter, Spread your legs, the dreaded Fetch the Cane, and the welcome, You Can Rub Now.
For me, it's the usual Ow, Ouch, and Ooh as the whacks land; sometimes I say That's Too Hard, which usually means that I get it harder still, and sometimes Spank Me Harder, which has the same effect ! Ooh that's Enough, the reply is We've Hardly Started, and I like to give D advice like Other Cheek Now, or Down on my Crease until I get to the peak of excitement, when it's Faster, Harder, Don't Stop, and I am just longing for him to change my spanking into happy sex.

Six of the best: When I am acting out a spanking scene, with my 'spankee' partner. I usually tell her that "I am going to take her knickers down, and spank her bare bottom blushing rouge, because she has been very naughty indeed, and deserves to be given 'six of the best' on her voluptuous naked rear end. The 'spanking scene', can last 5 to 10 minutes long. I also stand her in the corner, to display humiliatingly her naked rear end for all to see. Putting the CANE next to her, as well.

KB: There's Quips, jokes, talking about life, song singing - you name it!! Lots of laughter.

Welcome, KB!

Dr. Ken: I think a lot depends on the lady I'm spanking. Some there's a bit of a lecture and scolding. Others get jokes and laughter. Some get a mixture of everything, although counting doesn't really happen all that often. And there are times when I simply let my palm do all the talking.

Ronnie: Depends on the type of spanking. Lectures and scolding or P may ask me questions like telling him why I'm getting spanked. Fun spankings, laughter and cheeky banter on my part.

Hermione: Ron sometimes makes jokes, when the mood strikes him. He never lectures because our spankings are not for punishment. Sometimes he will tell me to adjust my position or stop making so much noise. Often, though, he remains silent.

From Hermione's Heart

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Dragon's Rose said...

Always the same words.
You know I love you. That I would never hurt you. Colors?

He always makes sure that I know he loves me and that I can stop it at any time.