Sunday, December 6, 2015

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #102

Let's get comfortable and enjoy good food and good company at our weekly spanko brunch, happening right here, right now! No reservations required. Everyone is welcome.

Today's topic was suggested by fellow blogger Fred.

How many smacks do you like to receive during a spanking?  How many can you actually endure? 

Leave your reply as a comment, and once everyone has had a chance to participate, I will publish a summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


abby said...

How many do I like or enjoy...depends on what Master is using. We once went for 1000 with His hand...and it was wonderful...more so for me than Him. With leather 100 is a nice number..when the paddle makes an appearance...the smaller the number the better.
hugs abby

abby said...

How many can I endure....again depends on what Master is using...with His biggest paddle...about 50. In many as He decides. (yes i do have a safe word, so I could stop Him at any far have not).
hugs abby..again

Dr. Ken said...

Well, I'm a Spanker, not a spankee, so the question really doesn't apply. How many spanks do I like to give out? Who's counting???

Fred said...

As I am the instigator of this subject I feel obliged to participate. Thanks for choosing my suggestion.
I fantasise about receiving dozens of smacks that leave my bum marked for weeks.
The reality is different. Six strokes of a cane is the limit most of the time, maybe a few more if I am in the right mindset.
Hand or paddle then it could be twelve.
Mostly the thought is better than the action!

Bonnie said...

As Abby says, it depends. Five full force swats from a big wooden paddle with no warm up will cause me to invoke my safeword. However, if properly warmed up, I can absorb hundreds of vigorous whacks with a more moderate implement. We have established more than once that my bottom can outlast Randy's hand every time.

As for how many I prefer, again it depends upon what Randy is seeking to achieve, how I feel and the course of a spanking. The spanking I need usually continues a bit longer than the spanking I want. To achieve the full therapeutic value, I need to yield control and resign myself to accepting whatever he decides to deliver.

willie said...

I can't count that high *wink*. Honestly I don't count. I tried once but generally I have to concentrate on my breathing instead. Now if you were to ask how LONG our sessions last, THAT I could tell you. Regardless, punishments are far too long, if you ask me! Meh, such is the casualty of having a hard..........head.

sixofthebest said...

When I spank a woman, if its with a cane, we agree it will be 'six of the best', across her knickers down bare bottom.

WendelJones said...

I think the only time we count is on our birthdays.

Lindy Thomas said...

Depends on what implement is used. If it is wood not many before I have had enough but if leather the spanking is usually way too short.

Anonymous said...

This one could be long. The implements she usually uses on me is the belt, strop, wooden spoon, paddle, whip. It also depends on the position. Flat on my stomach cheeks loose I cant take 150 with the belt, 125 with the strop. Wooden spoon 55 I hate that spoon. paddle and whip about 75 this is by her count. usually I'm too busy kicking and wiggling. If I'm standing bent over hands on a chair seat or on knees and elbows bottom stretched tight much less. I do love leather smacking my bottom.

Unknown said...

Hi Hermione, this is so difficult to answer, even more so since I have been out of spankings for this year. How much I can take depends on how much warm up I am given and which implement is used. Punishments are always too long and too many, and hubby has me count, when I am able to, but I have no idea how many that comes up to. And the good girl spankings could go on loooonger and be more. :) Wishing you a great weekend.



Anonymous said...

Depends on what with ? One stroke with a cane on my bare bum, is quite enough for me, but bent across D's lap for him to hand spank my bare cheeks,is another matter. I just love the feel of his broad palm, raising them to a smarting, very sexy glow. and I think his palm would tell him 'enough' long before my bottom did ! Wooden paddle - again a smarting happy sting, but it does leave me with sitting problems for some time S

Our Bottoms Burn said...

Bacall enjoys dozens of moderate licks from different toys over her panties, before they are taken down. I like about 20 full force on my bare bottom.

ronnie said...

To be honest it depends on what P uses and up to him how many I get. I can take more spanks with a leather implement than I can with a wooden one. The wooden paddle Bogey sent over has my legs kicking almost immediately especially when no warm up. I can handle quite a few strokes of our OTK cane. The long whippy cane is another matter.