Monday, December 28, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 27

Did you find a spanko surprise under your Christmas tree this year?

Roz: No Christmas spanking surprises this year.

Sir Wendel: I gave her some drop seat PJs and a spanking under the mistletoe. No spanking surprises for me this year. I did get a funky Christmas sweater.

sub hub: I was shopping and of course wanted to give Mistress K. something spanko related. I was in a high end kitchen store and saw (and bought) a beautiful wooden spatula that I knew would be good for spanking. I blogged about it about a week ago. I came right home and gave it to her right away and she LOVED it. She gave it a soft test run and we both agree it will be a good addition to her arsenal.

Six of the best: Hermione, on these festive holiday weekends, I usually invite a special mature lady over for a good spanking. I bend her over a bed, then raise her dress waist high, pull her bloomers down. (directoire knickers), and cane her. Yes, she is given 'six of the best' in my opinion which stings her bare bottom, to my satisfaction. Then I toast her naked rear end with a glass of wine. Of course is wearing garter-belt and stockings, which pleases my eye.

Arched one: Too many adult kids around for spanking this year and no new implements but I did get an early present that was opened before the kids arrived. 6 new pair of panties and tonight I'll model them for her.

Anon: The silicone Smiley Face spatula with cut out eyes and smile is waiting for a test run. We are interested to see what marks it leaves.

Jenny: I gave my new boyfriend a great leather belt. It will eventually be used for its intended purpose. For right now, he's using it to hold up his pants.

Dr. Ken: Christmas and Christmas Eve were totally free of anything spanking related. I would need someone to spank before that sort of thing could actually happen....

Blondie: After being so stressed out, after Christmas, I couldn't sleep, Ty gave me exactly what I needed to redden my booty and end an extra special orgasm. No toys, can't put those under the Christmas tree with kids in the house. But a good Christmas all in all.
Hermione: I found a new spanking toy under the tree; it's a black leather paddle shaped like an open hand. Ron tried it out briefly, over my jeans. It felt good, but he warned me that I might not like it so well later. Two days later he applied it to my bare bottom and he was right, as usual. That hand has a sharp but pleasant sting.

Ronnie: I got a spanking and a couple of toys. One was a heart shaped spatula.

Thank you all for joining in the discussion.
From Hermione's Heart

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Blondie said...

Boy some Santa's were very spanking nice this year. You all must have been really good at being naughty