Monday, December 21, 2015

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for December 20

This week we had an exciting discussion about the ages of spanking enthusiasts.

Dr. Ken: Well, we're all ages, really, and it's hard to say where the "majority" lies. I will say this, though--I'm a member of the Chicago Crimson Moon spanking group, and every spanking party I go to, there are more and more young people attending for the first time and discovering the joys of spanking and the joys of a spanking party.

Fred: I totally disagree, there has never been a better time to be a spanko. I have been fascinated by spanking since childhood, but I had no idea there were so many others, I thought I was unique and alone. But here in 2015 we have the internet, blogs, Twitter and email and I have discovered that I am not alone, there are millions of us.

Age is irrelevant, I have met enthusiasts at parties and munches that are many years my junior, others that are older. For those just awakening to their spanking interest they only have to type the work into a search engine.... If only that had been available to me in 1970!

Bella: I am 38. He is 36.

Downunder Don: I am 61, Mumski is 56

PK Corey: Nick's 64, I'm 59.

abby: Master and I are both in our 60's...just barely. He has been a spanko ever since He can remember...I got my first spanking at 50....

Dan: I ran a poll on my blog on this issue. For those into F/m oriented disciplinary spankings, the over 50 crowd won by a very large margin.

Hobbes: If you check FetLife for the most popular fetishes on the site by number listing it, spanking is in a dead heat for first at 490,508, less than one percent behind bondage which is second and oral sex, first. With that many the age spread is very wide. What got me was in fourth place? Hairpulling. Yep. That won't work with me . . . *L*. Been spanking happily with just one person now for more than forty years. Never imagined how widespread this was till I got online about twenty years ago.

Anon 1: I am 55 and a spanker for 30 years, she is 53, and got first from a different spanker at 46.

Sir Wendel: I got my first spanking when I was 22 and I spanked a 21 year old. It has continued ever since. My guess is that all there are spankos in all age groups and that the older group seems more likely to openly socialize about it.

Simon: As I am generally on the receiving end I can only comment on men who like to be spanked and most of those I have met, at spanking parties, have been at least 50 years old. This doesn't mean that the majority of spankers are old however as it is not a big enough group for it to be a meaningful sample. I'm sure there are younger men and women enjoying spanking but I'm just not meeting them because I'm so ancient.

Roz: We are in our late 40's and early 50's but have both had an interest in spanking for many years.

Wilma: I am in my early mid-forties ( what it's a thing!) and my husband early 50's. I was 41 when I received my first adult spanking.

Leigh: I'm the oldest of the commenters so far and I've had the desire in my teens, twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and now in my seventies. Ray not so much - but he's game - well at least some of the time.

Jan: I am 56, he is 62. I don't care how old we are, I love spanking!

Baxter: I am the spankee and 59 years old and have been interested in spanking for most of my life. I had to work to get my wife to spank me and she started doing it 10 or so years ago. She recently told me that she wished she had gotten in to spanking early on in our marriage as it would have been fun and I agree. We have been married 32 years and enjoy bending over for her to spank my bottom and would have enjoyed it 30 years ago. Well, time to catch up.

Six of the best: I am an 82 year old gentleman, and have enjoyed being a 'spanko' for about 70 years. Having grown up in England, where I fantasied at school, wishing to spank one of my female teachers on her knickers down bare bottom. And loved the spanking scene ever since.

Renee Yielding: I am 34, he is 44 and we are in our first year of DD.

Welcome, Renee!

Anon 2: I am 58, my husband 68. We are domestic discipline "learners" have been practicing about 5 months. He is cautious, spanking goes against everything he's been taught, but we both know this life style is working for us, we are learning something new almost every day.

Hermione: I have no statistics available, but I think that spanking appeals to all ages, for those so inclined by nature, or interested in experimenting. We are both in the over 60 category, and have been happily spanking for over 30 years.

From Hermione's Heart


Jenn said...

The website wasn't working for me all day on Sunday and this morning, until just now.

I think that younger people experiment with boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives, and then as one ages, he or she may look to a wider circle if those relationships haven't fulfilled the need. Also, people in their 30s and 40s are often very busy raising children. As they approach 50, they have more time to explore and satisfy their own needs. There is also a "YOLO" aspect to saying "What the heck!" and going after what you've been wanting your whole life. So, spankos exist at all ages, but may express themselves more as they age. The very youngest (20s) seem to have it all - time to explore and few inhibitions, so you see them expressing this desire freely as well.

ronnie said...


I thought I'd joined brunch this week but obviously hadn't. Put it down to busy Christmas preparations.

Difficult question really and I haven't read any statistics about it so not sure. As you said I think it appeals to all ages. Spanking bloggers I read are manly in the age range 30 -70. Both in our 60's and same as you, have been spanking for yonks.


Enzo said...

Hi Hermione -

Ironically the weekend I miss the brunch is the weekend you pick my question. At least I saw it today. Thank you for using my suggestion!

I enjoyed reading all the comments, but I think I agree with Sir Wendel’s opinion best:
“My guess is that there are spankos in all age groups and that the older group seems more likely to openly socialize about it.”

Perhaps that is the case. The older you get the more comfortable you are with yourself and care less of what others may think of you. Whatever the case, I am glad to be reminded I am not alone in this enjoyment of spanking.

All the best,