Tuesday, December 1, 2015

From the Top Shelf - Painful Protest, part 2

Last week you may recall that three schoolgirls were told to report to the headmaster's study after having been seen participating in a protest in the village. No? Don't tell me you've forgotten already! Well, read about it here, and then we'll get on.

Hannah has been caned, as you've just read, and now it's Gemma's turn.

As she watched, Gemma wondered who would be lowering her knickers.

Hannah's pleated skirt fell back into place and she turned around. The redness around her eyes was clearly evident. Abbey thought how well her friend had taken her punishment and just hoped she would be able to do likewise.

Places were changed and it was Gemma's turn to bend over. Hannah thought she had better put her hands on top of her head, although she had not been told to do so.

It was Abbey, this time, who was seconded to perform the knicker-lowering ceremony.

The blonde girl was bigger boned than the girl who had just vacated that same spot. Her bottom was quite chubby and deep-clefted and her thighs were sturdier than Hannah's.

Gemma felt the thin wood being pressed into her globes as the sports teacher made an adjustment to his stance. With a feeling of dread, she waited for her ordeal to begin.

The blonde girl heard the cane hiss through the air.


Her bottom suddenly caught alight and the breath left her lungs. She kept her thighs pressed together, although she well knew that the total privacy of her quim was impossible, given the position she was in.

The bent-over blonde's skin colouring was a light honey and the first imprint of the cane was beginning to manifest itself. The stroke had been delivered with precision in the dead centre of the delinquent girl's fleshy buttocks.

Mr Smith did not wait very long before applying the stick for the second time.




Gemma gave a vocal response as the rod rebounded from the springy flesh. The juddering buttocks writhed from side to side.

Hannah's eyes were not as puffy as they had been. Her trim behind was, however, still stinging uncomfortably. A knot of dread with Abbey's tummy tightened as each slash of the slender stick hastened the commencement of her own ordeal.

Mr Smith hoisted the punishment rod high in the air and waited for Gemma's bottom to slow its movements. Then, satisfied with the position of his target, he struck again.


The wicked wand dug its way into the ample teenage flesh before its recoil took it away.

The contortions of Gemma's hurt-filled nates increased dramatically. A sizable gap appeared between her splendid thighs and suddenly her honey-pot was on clear view.

The two females behind the chair were absolutely horrified to see Dr Woodcock suddenly lean forward in his seat and stare unashamedly at their friend's centre-piece. How disgusting!

Gemma neither knew nor cared about the action of the Principal. Her sole concern was in coping with the acute stinging pain overflowing from her thrashed buttocks and coursing its way through the whole of her insides.

The man in the chair frowned, stroked his beard with the hand of his good arm, and then sat back in his chair.

The blonde tried to control herself preparatory to the fourth stroke. She was halfway through her suffering - as long as she didn't react stupidly.




The stricken blonde girl did almost jump up and clasp her hands onto her sorely wounded behind in an effort to soothe away the awful hurt.

Fortunately, however, some steely determination kicked in and prevented her from doing so. Her posterior oscillated in a most lewd fashion.

Hannah knew she must have behaved in a similar way. Abbey knew only too well that she, herself, would soon be providing an identical performance. It was all so disgusting. The sports teacher wiped his brow with the back of his free hand. Abbey wondered what thoughts were going through his mind. He was a red-blooded young man, after all, and her friend's sensual writhings must have had some effect.

As soon as Gemma's frantic gyrations began to slow down somewhat, Mr Smith again lifted the cane. Its tip quivered as it halted, pointing at the ceiling. Then it was called upon to perform its venomous duty once more.


Gemma hobbled forward a little with the force of the blow. Her vividly lined nates began their frantic movements once more, denoting the amount of anguish she was having to cope with.

Hannah stared at the lines across her friend's chubby rear. Their vivid ugliness was a clear desecration of the female derriere. She was well aware of the throb still emanating from the similar weals across her own backside. It would be simply ages before it went away.

With tears dripping onto the carpet, Gemma summoned up hitherto unknown reserves and managed to brace herself for the final cut of the cane.

Mr Smith was forced to shuffle his feet as the distressed blonde girl had moved forward a little. The adjustment was swiftly carried out, without the stick being tapped against the trembling, tenderised bum-cheeks of the soon-to-be recipient.

Whirr! Gemma's bum muscles clenched, not without some pain.

Crack! "Yoweeeeeeeee!" The sounds were near instantaneous. The first was short-lived, but the second one was high in pitch and much longer lasting.

The latter was straightaway followed by Gemma's deeply-lined rear cheeks oscillating in a most provocative manner.

"Thank you, Mr Smith," acknowledged the Principal." Still one more miscreant to go. Rest your arm a while."

A chill ran through the redhead's body. She had been hoping that, by now, the sports master's arm might have tired somewhat. Unfortunately for her, he was being given ample time to recover.
Abbey is next. Oh, the waiting!
From Hermione's Heart


Cat said...

Oh my...even more sure I never want to experience a cane! Dang...really would not want to go last and have to wait and watch. Ooh and that headmaster deserves a caning...that's just wrong...dirty old man. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Eric51Amy49 said...

I agree with Cat - go after the headmaster!


Lindy Thomas said...

Yes as Cat said it is so wrong what the headmaster is doing. Give him a caning. Poor girls.
Hugs Lindy

ronnie said...

Poor girls but poor Abbey having to wait her turn. Thanks Hermione.


Hermione said...

Cat - I think the fun is in the fantasy. I wouldn't want to actually go through this ordeal either.

Eric51Amy 49 - It would serve him right.

Lindy - He might not enjoy receiving as much as giving.

Ronnie - She has such a long wait!