Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Winter Meme

Ella is an expert at creating memes, and she's done it again!

1. You have to leave your house because of a disaster. All the people and pets you love are safe. If you could carry out just one thing what would it be?

Probably my iPad.

2. Tell us about a book or series of books that you loved as a child.

As a little girl I was obsessed with horses. My favourites were the nine "Jill" books by Ruby Ferguson. I also enjoyed the pony books written by the three Pullein-Thompson sisters, Josephine, Diana and Christine.

When I reached my teens, I devoured all the James Bond novels, because I could find descriptions of sex there!

3. Name one item of clothing you love your spouse to wear.

He looks like a million dollars in his navy turtleneck shirt.

4. Name a lullaby your mum or dad sung to you that you sang to your children.

The only song I recall hearing in my childhood was my grandfather's rendition of "Tit WIllow" from The Mikado. That's not exactly a lullaby. I don't have any children so I've never sung a lullaby. I do sing "Eensy Weensy Spider" to my dogs when I'm brushing their teeth. Does that count?

5. Tell us about the fanciest restaurant you have eaten in.

It was a restaurant in a hotel on the waterfront. They actually served bottled water instead of just a glass of tap water. There was also an amuse bouche of lime sorbet served between courses.

6.Tell us about any phobias you have.

I am petrified of spiders and heights. I love mice and rats, though.

7.Is there something old from a family member you treasure?

I have a silver cross with black precious stones of some sort on an intricate chain, which was my grandmother's. I also have a very old brooch of hers, shaped like a peacock.

8.If there is reading material in your bathroom, what magazines or books could be found there?

We have an Uncle John book there. Ron swears he never looks at it, and I have only seldom glanced through it.

9.Tell us about your dearest childhood friend.

There were two, actually. They were twins, just three months older than me, but in the next higher grade at school. We played together as often as we could and visited each other's homes all the time. Then they went away to boarding school and I only saw them once more, at the wedding of the younger twin.

10.Is there a household task that belongs to your husband?

Yes, he has several. He does the vacuuming, carries the garbage and recycling to the street, and makes a big breakfast for us on Fridays and Saturdays.

11. Have you ever smoked pot? How old were you when you the first time? Do you still enjoy?

I tried it for the first time when I was 20 at university. I am not a smoker so I had trouble inhaling. I believe I felt slightly high that first time. I tried it a few more times over the next several years but it didn't do a thing for me.

12. If it is cold what do you wear in bed?

Socks and 2 dogs.

13. How old were you when you lost your virginity? Share any story you feel comfortable with.

I was 19 and was determined to lose my virginity before I turned 20.

14.Think of something you did as a kid which you were glad your parents never found out about. If you were a perfect child you can say "perfect" but the rest of us will hate you for it.

I was far from perfect! I stole a small toy from two children I was taken to visit. I regret it because they seemed to have very little to play with and I was greedy enough to take one of their few possessions.

15. Boob question! Think Goldilocks and the three  Bears.
Do you think your boobs are
a. too big
b. too small
c. just right
d. other

Ron thinks they are just right.

From Hermione's Heart


abby said...

A fun read...Love what you wear to bed...
hugs abby

an English Rose said...

Nice answers Hermione, I think we all seemed to read the same sort of books as kids. I graduated to Mills and Boon !!
love Jan,xx

Aimless Rambling said...

So many of us are afraid of spiders - it seems to be the #1 fear of the memes I've read. Not me, I don't like them but then I don't like anything creepy crawly. I've been known to pick them up and put them back outside which tickles Rey because he says they're only going to come back in.

I love these memes where we get a chance to learn more about each other.

ronnie said...

Fun to read your answers Hermione. Love your bed attire. I don't mind spiders, it's mice I hate.


Minielle Labraun said...

I love this! The socks and two dogs made me smile. We always have our two dogs in bed with us!

Baxter said...

I like what you wear to bed also. My wife knits us wool socks so yeah gotta have those. but up until maybe a year or so ago, our Samoyed could jump up onto the bed between us and in the winter, he was a furnace of heat. He is 14 now and having some trouble getting around so isn't up on the bed anymore.


Ella said...

Hermione, thanks for the compliment about my memes. Even if I didn't answer them myself, I think I would keep writing them because of all the wonderful stories we share with each other.

I had forgotten all about my James Bond period! That was truly my sexual awakening as well. I read every one. When I was 14, I had a 007 tee shirt that my mother hated. I also had a framed picture of Sean Connery on my dresser.

Hugs From Ella

Hermione said...

Abby - It does the trick!

Jan - I haven't heard of those books, but Googled it, and it seems they are the same as our Harlequin romances.

Leigh - Ron won't kill them either. I call him and he puts them outside.

Ronnie - As a teen I kept pet white mice.

Minelle - That's why we have a king-size bed.

Baxter - Too bad your furnace is no longer available.

Ella - Sean was my hero too!


Terpsichore said...

enjoyed reading your that you sing "Eensy Weensy Spider" to your dogs even though you are terrified of spiders :-) Hugs

Cat said...

Love what you wear to bed, Hermione...cracks me up. Oh and I agree with is so sweet that you sing "Eensy Weensy Spider" to your dogs. Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat