Monday, February 29, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 28

How do you feel about spanking parties? This is what you had to say:

Six of the best: Yes, in my younger years I did attend some spanking party's. Some of the events were to my liking,Others such as bondage events turned me off.

abby: I have never been, but would love to attend one. Not sure how eager I would be to participate, but would love taking every thing in.

Simon: For a long time I avoided parties and my spanking experiences were on a 1 to 1 basis. Then a few years ago I attended a Fem-Dom spanking party with my Mistress and enjoyed myself immensely. I was punished by a number of ladies in front of a small audience and watched other gentlemen being punished which was fun but also for about the first time got to speak to a number of people with similar interests in disciplinary games. Since then I have attended a number of parties,both Fem-Dom and switch, and have spanked and caned several very attractive ladies and of course been punished by them. They haven't replaced the sessions with my Mistress but instead are an occasional extra adding a little variety to my spanking life.

Bogey: For some years, we attended parties. They were spanking only. We enjoyed them and learned a lot about ourselves.

S: In college days we tried anything, and I was tempted by a spanking party. A dozen of us met, and after a few drinks, we got started, and us six girls lined up behind a sofa, and bent ourselves over its back. The boys worked down the line, and soon a large male palm smacked down on my tightly-clad bum. Six good spanks, and I was tingling happily. We stood up, and then things got going as two names were drawn, and a card saying 'Six with the slipper, skirt up'. She was made to lift her skirt, and touch her toes, whilst her partner applied those noisy whacks, across the thin silk of her knickers. She stood up, rubbing her rear, grinning cheekily.

Two more spankings, and then I heard my name called out, ' A dozen hand spanks, bare bottom'. Oh no, I had not bargained for that, as my partner Tom sat down, and patted his lap invitingly. I sprawled over his thighs, and felt his hand tug up my skirt, and then my face blushed crimson, as my panties were pulled down to my stocking tops. I clenched my cheeks, and tried to preserve my modesty, in vain. His spanks were hearty, and by the end I was smarting roundly, but sexily; I struggled to my feet, and hastily re-covered my glowing bottom.

I earned two more spankings that evening, a hairbrush spanking on my thin skirt, and another hand spanking on the seat of my knickers, by which time I was keen to take on any male in the house!
I went to several more parties, but after I met D, my bottom was strictly reserved for him only.

Dr. Ken: I've been to several. Some were better than others. Some were very clique-y. Some were open, warm and friendly. Your experience definitely varies. I've been a member of Chicago Crimson Moon for all 20+ years of its existence, and have always enjoyed their gatherings. I'll be there in July again this year....

Abby Williams: I wouldn't want to go to a party where the intention is to spank or be spanked. Mr. W and I are monogamous in all things, so participating with others is a no-go, and I get my voyeuristic/exhibitionist jollies out online, so I don't have a craving to watch or be watched either. However, I would love to go to a spanking/impact play expo someday. Meeting the vendors who make our toys, meeting other spanking enthusiasts, and learning about new techniques or alternate ways to use implements in demonstrations would be fantastic.

Sir Wendel: Sounds interesting but I don't think I would ever go.

Ronnie: I would love to attend a spanking party though I'm not sure I would want to participate.

Hermione: It's something to think about. While I imagine it could be lots of fun with people you know, in a comfortable atmosphere, I would be too shy to actually accept an invitation to attend.

That's quite a range of responses. Thank you all for contributing.
From Hermione's Heart


Enzo said...

Hi Hermione -
I somehow missed the Brunch again, and unfortuantely it was a great question.

I have never attended a party, but have been curious about them for sometime. Unfortunately I do hear somethings in the range of 60/40 that the experiences haven't been great due to drama/clique-yness of attendees. One of my biggest concerns would be how welcoming would other long term attendees be to new comers.


Katie said...

Hi Hermione, :) I missed the brunch as well. I am on a mission to try and stay on top of things...

I can't quite picture Rob and me at a spanking party. Rob is a private kind of guy, and I am... well, I guess private too. The front and center sharing of something so intimate doesn't appeal to me. I'm not even sure that I would enjoy watching others being spanked. I don't tend to watch videos online or anything like that. It's Rob and his spanky ways, that turn me on! Does it EVER! LOL!

I know that a lot of people do enjoy the videos and the parties, and are very enthusiastic about them, and that's great! I am curious about them sometimes. And they are fun to read about fictitiously- I have read about that kind of thing in the Cherise Sinclair books that are fun, easy lite BDSM reads. I also love reading spanking books from our friends here in the land. But the real thing with others- I'd be too shy, like you say. Interesting topic! Many hugs,

<3 Katie