Tuesday, February 9, 2016

From the Top Shelf - An Aunt's Firm Hand, part 2

Last week I shared with you the first part of a letter to Corporal magazine, in which teenage cousins experience discipline from a firm but fair aunt. This week we conclude the letter.

Exactly one week later I was an hour and a half late coming home from a date. When I saw Aunt Louise waiting up for me, waiting in that chair with paddle in hand, I knew I was for it.

"There is no use lecturing you, " she said sternly," You know what time you are supposed to be in. Come over here."

I had been dreading my first spanking and my knees were shaking as I went over to her. I was thankful that this was to be a private session since the others had already gone to bed. I felt a little strange in my tummy as she put me over her knee, sort of like a helpless little child. My shirt was pushed above my waist and my right wrist was held in the small of my back. A cool breeze rippled across my bottom as my shorts came down and I felt so bare, unprotected and helpless. There was a pause as she raised the paddle and then, SMACK! It came down with an awful sting. SMACK! A second time it landed, and the pain made me jump. SMACK! A little lower this time, catching me on the under-slope of my behind. SMACK! Oh how it hurt! SMACK! I gritted my teeth and tried to keep still but I couldn't stop my legs from jerking or my hips from grinding. SMACK! My bottom felt like it was being scalded.

SMACK! I began to understand Ellie's lack of control. SMACK! I was really writhing now. SMACK! "Ohhhhhhh". I couldn't be quiet any longer. SMACK! "Eeeooooowwww!" SMACK! "Please no more!" SMACK! "Waaaaaaaaaahhhh!"

I gave up completely and wailed like a banshee. Again and again the paddle stung my bottom. I knew the girls upstairs could hear my yells but I didn't care any more. The skin on my fanny was on fire and nothing else mattered. I yelled with the pain and begged for forgiveness.

SMACK! "P-Please Aunty!" SMACK! I-Eeeowwwww, I'll never be late again!" SMACK! "Oh please I can't take anymore"

Around swat number 30 she hit a particularly sensitive spot and I gave such a jump that I fell right off her knees. If I had been thinking straight I would have gotten right back over her lap, but I was in too much pain to think. I just grabbed my bottom and ran upstairs to my bedroom with Aunt Louise calling after me to stop.

When I burst into the bedroom, all the girls were up. They had all been listening to me getting it.

Thirty seconds later Aunt Louise came in with a thick leather strap doubled over in her hand. Her face was like thunder and her hands were trembling she was so angry. I cringed in the corner, scared stiff.

I fought back wildly when she tried to pull me over to the bed. She yelled for the girls to help and suddenly I felt my arms pinned to my sides. I was stretched across the bed with all three girls holding me in a position of immobility.

One held my arms and a second held my legs. A third at first held my waist but I stopped struggling in abject defeat and Aunt Louise indicated that she could let go. Aunt Louise pulled my shirt back above my waist. I wore no shorts, they had been kicked off somewhere in my flight to the bedroom.

Suddenly there was a loud CRACK! as the folded leather strap wrapped itself round my bottom. I screamed. The paddle had only tickled compared to this!

CRACK! "Eeeeeeowwww -please stop!" CRACK! "Owwwwww bawwwwwwahhhh, I'm sorry Aunty" CRACK! "Owwwwww Pleeeeeeeeeeease.." CRACK! Oh Mommy help me....owwwwwwwww!" CRACK! CRACK! CRACK!

After the tenth whack I couldn't even plead coherently any more. All I could do was howl in agony with all the power in my lungs. However that didn't stop Aunt Louise from raising welt upon welt on my already swollen bottom and thighs. I don't know how many she gave me, but when she was finished I was half mad with the pain.

The next morning when all the girls and I examined my bottom, we found both cheeks puffed up to one and a half times their normal size. I had to wear loose shorts for the next two days for any attempt to slip into jeans was pure agony.

We are now much better behaved than we used to be. When I return home my parents are going to be amazed at how my conduct has improved. My worry now is that Aunt Louise will tell them how she managed to do it. If she does you can bet it's sure going to stay improved!
Will Aunt Louise divulge her secret to the teen's parents? I wonder...
From Hermione's Heart


Baxter said...

enjoyable. What will Aunty do?


ronnie said...

I think Aunt Louise will be keeping this to herself. Thanks Hermione.


Hermione said...

Baxter - That's up to your imagination.

Ronnie - I think so too.


Cat said...

Thanks for sharing, Hermione. I think Aunt Louise will keep her discipline secrets to herself...make all the parents wonder why their kids are so much better behaved for her. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Hermione said...

Cat - That might encourage requests for return visits by the parents :)