Sunday, February 7, 2016

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #111

Good day all! It's a fine day today, regardless of the weather, because we are all together again to talk about spanking. We are all enthusiasts in one way or another, but sometimes our enthusiasm isn't quite up to its usual level.

Has there ever been a time when you just didn't feel like participating in a spanking? Did you make your feelings known to your partner? If so, did the spanking happen anyway, or was it postponed?

Leave your reply as a comment and I will publish a summary of our discussion when the weekend is over.

From Hermione's Heart


sixofthebest said...

Love pats or spankings can only be given between two consenting adults.

Lea said...

There have definitely been times where I wasn't really into it. I always make my feelings known to my partner. Sometimes the play will get postponed. Sometimes not. Our dynamic is a Dominant-submissive one, where he is in charge. I've told him in the past that if he decides he still wants to spank, fondle or have sex with me, even if I'm not quite feeling it, I'm okay with him going for it.

And when he goes for it anyway, I can't recall a single time where I was not pleased at the end. The transfer of power is really what does it for me. I adore impact play and spanking. I love the feeling. But I think its all enhanced for me by giving up the control. So in instances where he's spanked me anyway, I've loved it anyway!

an English Rose said...

hi Hermione, not often, but hubby would stop if he knew I really wasn't in a good place for it. No fun if we are both not with the program is there?
love Jan,xx

Dr. Ken said...

There have been times. Thankfully, the feeling never lasts.... :-)

abby said...

Depends on the spanking. If it is Monday maintenance or a punishment spanking...I have no say. If we going for some play, then He will probably try to entice me with some pre spanking usually works.
hugs abby

Abby Williams said...

Hi Hermione! I'm finally blogging again and thought I'd start trying to reach out to other bloggers and comment once again, starting with the Sunday Brunch!

If I'm not up for a spanking session, whether planned or spontaneous, I let Mr. W know. He may try to get me back in the mood, but it is always done in the spirit of love and getting reconnected with each other and with our favorite activity. If it's just not the right time, it is never forced. I fear being a disappointment, especially when it comes to something we were excited to do together, so I do try to pull myself together if I can. If I can't, we do something else - cuddle or watch TV, or even go toy shopping online - until the right mood comes back.

We could probably press on even if I wasn't up for a spanking, but because it is so much a part of our romantic relationship and our connection, it's so much better when we both want it together. We play with the roles of submissive and dominant, bottom and top, but at the core, we are equals and that makes it easier to share with each other when it is or isn't spanking time. (On the bright side, it usually IS.)

Anonymous said...

All of the spanking I get is consensual. Having said that if I really did something to upset her, and by our rules for punishment I receive when she wants to give. So if I was not in the mood and she had a reason to punish me I'd accept it even if not in the mood.

ronnie said...

I can't remember an occasion when, as long as I've been fit and well, that I've turned a spanking down:) There may have been times when I've had flu or something which makes you feel a bit down and I probably would have cried off but lucky P notices such things and would postpone.