Monday, February 15, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for February 14

This week we discussed music to spank by, and you had a variety of opinions on the subject.

Simon: Simple answer no! We almost never have music playing partly because we have very different tastes in music and partly because we find it distracting. However I have been known to sing (badly) if I'm waiting for punishment to recommence i.e. if I'm tied up or in the corner. This only happens if she is out of the room as I am supposed to be contemplating the next part of my punishment.

Abby Williams: Happy Valentine's Day! We have on occasion played cello concertos in the background, mostly Bach. These added a dark, brooding, slightly ominous element to our playtime, which certainly has its place on occasion. I wouldn't want to have anything with lyrics playing - that would be distracting. The other music I wouldn't want playing is the piano theme from the horror film "Candyman" which was also later used in an episode of American Horror Show: Asylum. If any subs who are also horror buffs are reading these comments, you can imagine how terrifying that would be. TOO dark, brooding, and ominous for sure.

Baxter: No never had music. We go to our lower back bedroom for our fun time of sex and spanking and we light some candles and incense, to set the mood. I think music would be a distraction from spanking and fucking. :)

Jenn: I never have had music playing, but I think some nice classical selections might be nice. I agree that music with lyrics might be distracting, but I might be able to find some that are not very intrusive. This idea seems better for erotic spankings than the other types.

Lizzie: We often have music playing when we play at home. I think we got into the habit when we were meeting and playing in hotels. Craig would bring his JamBox to play loud music to cover the sound of our play. Most playlists are designed to be played loud, with a strong, steady beat. At times when we play, Craig will time his swats to the beat.

Due to experience and memory with these playlists, I recognize the songs that Craig prefers to play to and I get a bit excited when I hear that music playing. The music can be tingle-inducing, like the sight of him taking off his belt. :)

On the other hand, when we just have an OTK spanking, we rarely play music. The music playlists are reserved for more intense scenes, or scenes with more setup than a straight-forward spanking.  

Dr. Ken: I've never had music playing, no. I like to set my own pace and rhythm to a spanking, and I worry that the rhythm of the music would interfere, or I'd unintentionally start following it

Arched one: Happy Valentine's Day Hermione. We never have music playing but when my bottom is being attended to in a hotel we will have the TV on to cover the spanking noise.

Anon 1: It just must be "The Anvil Chorus" from the opera Il Trovatore. Quite a long piece of music, so a very hot bot by the time it's finished, at one spank to each blow to the anvil

Ronnie: We do have music or the radio playing but that's just to cover sound if neighbours are in.

Sir Wendel: The sounds of the hand, paddle or belt smacking the bottom is music to our ears. Nothing else needed.

Anon 2: I was just 18 when I received my first spanking. It was from a professional woman and she had on Ravel's Bolero. I must admit I am aroused any time * hear that music. And no I would never be spanked to that music again. It would seem to me to be almost a sin!
Happy Valentine’s Day Hermione.

KB: We never have music on but I broke my phone and the only way I could hear the phone ring was if I listened to music on the phone. I started listening to the same music always when I was on my way to met with her so I could hear the phone ring so she could tell me where exactly she was. That was a year and a half ago, but now whenever I hear one of those songs I get butterflies in my stomach!

ricky: I was once spanked to the drumbeat of Roy Orbison's "Pretty Woman". Well, truth be told, I had to ask her to stop.
Give me Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" any day. You know, PAT pat, pat, pat; PAT pat, pat, pat . . .
(Sigh . . .)

Enzo: Nope no music here either, but always wanted to have "Ride Of The Valkyries" (made popular by Apocalypse Now) playing as a sort of tongue-in-cheek buildup before a planned spanking session.

Hermione: We used to have the radio on, tuned to the local easy-listening station, playing softly in the background. But now all the local radio stations have changed their format to current music (?) and rap, so the radio stays off. I think it would be fun to be spanked to Ravel's "Bolero", even before I read Anon 2's comment. The slow, steady beat would work very nicely.

Thanks to all of you who joined in the conversation. I hope you all had a lovely Valentine's celebration.
From Hermione's Heart


Katie said...

I always seem to be late, but I did enjoy reading everyone's response to your interesting question, Hermione! :) I'll try to be on time in future!

In general, there is no music on to enjoy while spanking- no matter the kind of spanking. On occasion though, if one of the kids is home, we will put some music on (or the tele) to help hide the spanky noise. Thanks Hermione! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Lindy Thomas said...

I missed this one. Happy Valentines Hermione. We don't actually play music but when Bear is in the mood he spanks as if playing the drums and hums a tune with a beat.
Hugs Lindy