Wednesday, February 24, 2016

From the Top Shelf - The Note

Today I have something a bit different for you. It's a short story published on Gail's World, and I liked it so much I want to share the beginning with you.

The Note

The Situation

“The trouble with me punishing you, Caitlin” Anne-Marie opined, “is that you have become immune to it!”

Anne-Marie was in lecture mode; I hate it when she is like that! I have to admit that she was right, to some extent. Yes, the spanking were painful, the belt and the cane so much more so than her hand, yet after a while the pain wore off and was replaced by the most pleasant of glows. It was a glow that I had come to love, one that stoked fires and spread life to nerves that should have been out of play. It was almost worth wile copping a punishment to have that pressure start to build and a fiery orgasm build.

I was standing in front of her desk, with the back of my skirt pinned up, and my panties down around my ankles. Yet, even standing in front of her like that in what should have been a humiliating way, I felt no embarrassment, just irritation at her lecturing. She had seen me in so many compromising positions during all sorts of activities that one sees when sharing a home: being spanked, being loved, sitting in a bath, or masturbating to climax; this was hardly an eye opener.

She put down the cane which she had been flexing between her fingers; long, strong fingers, I noted, which were beautifully manicured. I had visions of her holding a musical instrument with them, perhaps tapping rhythmically on the keys of a flute, or delicately grasping the bow of a cello. Instead, she picked up her pen and drew a notepad towards her. She eyed me contemplatively, and then wrote out a short note in her flowery script, signing it with a flourish.

“Here, take this,” she instructed me, handing the folded note to me over the desk. “When you bring it back signed, I will punish you. Perhaps this will bring the embarrassment of punishment back into your life.”

“Get it signed? By whom? What is the note?”

“Get is signed by anyone, Caitlin; I don’t care who.”

She dropped her eyes and returned to the work on her desk, dismissing me, shutting me out of her mind. I hated being ignored, being shut out like that; it was the worst kind of punishment. Dejected and confused, I left the room, clutching the note in my hand.

The Dilemma

Without knowing what I had to get signed, I knew I had to do it; Anne-Marie would just shut me out until I did, and I simply couldn’t live with that. Anything I had to put up with would be preferable to be being cut off behind the invisible walls she erected.

The stationery was Anne-Marie all-over: elegant and tasteful, no expense had been spared. Her signature monogram, an inter-twined “A” and “M” in gold-edged navy blue, graced the top left of the note card, a delicate bouquet of meadow flowers was hand painted in pastel shades on the top right.

Her script was flowing and feminine: “Caitlin is going to be spanked with a cane. She may want to tell you about it.”

The blood drained from my face as I read these words.

The second and final sentence on the notelette caused my heart to thump.

“Please sign below to indicate that she has told you all you wish to know.”

That was it!

The evil genius of this tactic put me into a spin. Who on earth could I get to sign this note? I certainly couldn’t go to my friends or family; I could picture the paroxysms of laughter and ridicule that something like this would invoke. My co-workers, my doctor, my hairdresser, the librarian, the barista...

I spun the list through my mind, frantically searching for a person who I could go to. I drank a cup of coffee alone; I was banished from Anne-Marie’s presence until this issue was resolved. Should I go onto The Net and put a request on one of the forums, or perhaps a CraigsList encounter? Every option seemed to be too dangerous or too personal.

Tucking the note into my purse, I headed out onto the street and down into the subway; I was desperate for inspiration.

Where do you think Caitlin is going, and who will she find to sign her note? Read the entire story here to find out.

From Hermione's Heart


Our Bottoms Burn said...

This is, to me, a fresh story angle. I love it.

It is also true that for many women they will do anything to get punished.

Hermione said...

Bogey - I also enjoyed the originality of this storyline. I haven't seen the idea before.


Enzo said...

That was a great original story!
I read the entire story on the linked blog; not the ending I would have expected (or have written), but well done none the less. Great find Hermione, thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

An intriguing premise. I like it. Suppose she had required 3 signatures? You would have 3 incidents as part of the story and all of them could be different. I've actually done similar things in stories of mine, though not exactly like this.

ronnie said...

Interesting. Having read the story I didn't expect an ending like that . I too enjoyed the originality of the story line. Good find Hermione. Thank you.


Hermione said...

Enzo - I didn't know what to expect when I read it, and was pleasantly surprised at the ending.

Rollin - I like that extension of the idea.

Ronnie - I should keep my eyes open for more hidden gems.


Cat said...

Wow Hermione! This is a very different premise. I also went over and read the ending...sure wasn't expecting that! Thanks for sharing.

Hugs and blessings...Cat

Gail said...

Thanks for linking to this post, Hermione !
It's fun to get this feedback.

All the best