Thursday, October 6, 2016

Complete the Caption

Sometimes we all need a little motivation to inspire us, so what message would you add to this photo to get the point across.

Complete the caption by creating a motivational message, or any caption you like, and I will pin your posters up on the boardroom wall on Saturday.

From Hermione's Heart


WendelJones said...

It’s the . . . um . . . .the spanking study . . . um. . . panty . . . um . . . What was the question again?

kdpierre said...

In business, opportunities always present themselves.

It's up to you whether you wish to tackle them 'hands-on', or dive in 'head-first'.

Aimless Rambling said...

What's he waiting for - I'm ready

Anonymous said...


Come on... It Ain't gonna spank itself!

Anonymous said...

Your position in life is very important

Baxter said...

so close to sexy spankable bottom, so far

said the faithful husband