Saturday, October 15, 2016

You Completed the Caption

Let's listen in on this conversation.

kdpierre: Her: So you REALLY like this dress?
Him: Oh, you know I do! That's why I really want to borrow it.

Simon: I'm sorry Mr Hogarth but I'm not posing nude even for a hatful of jewels.

Michael M: Good heavens Captain Hancock, you do make me blush at your suggestion. I have not been whipped since I was a young girl, but when I caught sight of you on your mount this morning I admit that I became aroused.
Then I suggest we retire to the stable and I show you my crop.

Anon 1: Of course, dear, I will spank you. But how will you ride and hunt with the king tomorrow, if I were to do that?

Baxter: Please oh please, it will be much fun. We take each other's clothes off and then you spank me and I spank you and then, well, we have naughtiness. I really want to do this with you and I can tell you want to also.

Anon 2: "No, there is nobody under my (he he) skirt. (Uh! Uh!) So do ask me again!, (OH!) And there is no room for you either! So leave me alone. (He he!) What kind of girl do you think I am!. (Ohh!)"

DelFonte: When I said turn my cheeks pink, I didn't mean this one!

Ronnie: What did I tell you would happen if you borrowed my jewellery again? Now put it back and go and bend over the chair.

Kingspan: I recall when this young man used to offer his governess a cookie if she wouldn't spank him. Now that he's grown up, he's offering me a hat full of jewels if I will!

Sir Wendel: Elizabeth my love, I believe this offering shall gain us admittance to the Duke’s spanking party.

Anon 3: Let's try it...ALL our friends are doing it...
I'll be first, now tell me to drop my knickers and get over your knee...!
I've been a very naught boy !

Dr. Ken: She: Hmmmm. Would I like a spanking? Let me think about that for a moment....(Of course I'm going to say, "Yes!", but I mustn't appear too eager....)"

Hermione: Please let me spank that voluptuous bottom of yours, Georgina. You know you want it.

For more naughty goings on, please do join us for brunch, coming up next. I think you're goingto enjoy this week's topic.
From Hermione's Heart

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