Monday, October 3, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch for October 2

What is your favourite position for a spanking?

abby: For me, it depends on what Master is using. My favorite His hand...over His lap, I turn to jello with a wonderful long hand spanking.

kdpierre: We use a very simple over-her-lap while Rosa is reclining against the pillows and headboard of our bed. It raises my butt, is fairly comfortable for us both, and still affords nice lap-to-lap contact.

Anon 1: I still think OTK is my favorite for spanking my wife. I use other positions, but nothing beats OTK.

Roz: Nothing better than otk. My next would be over the bed.

Jack: My favorite position is with my wife over my lap. My second favorite position is with her bent over - the bathroom counter works as it is the right height. Both of the positions are submissive positions, but I really enjoy the contact in the over-my-lap position.

Thank you for the blog. It is so much fun!

It's my pleasure, Jack!

Dr. Ken: I imagine my favorite is the one that will undoubtedly prove to be the #1 answer from everybody--having a lady OTK or over my lap, whether I'm sitting on a chair, sofa or bed. It puts her bottom at just the right angle and position and within easy reach of my right hand.

arched one: The favorite seems to be OTK because of the close contact. But as the one presenting the bottom for spanking the position is up to her. She does like OTK when she's sitting on the sofa but she says can only comfortably use her hand in that position and she loves using implements. So her favorite is with me on the bed or bent over the bed. she gets a better swing with the belt, strop, paddle and other implements.

Simon: I'm not sure I have a favourite position I'm just grateful that I'm being spanked or punished and I like a bit of variety. OTK is great but I find it gets uncomfortable unless you are over the knee whilst lying flat on a sofa or bed. I'm quite proud of the fact that I can still touch my toes for the cane although these days getting back up is becoming problematic. There are so many positions why limit yourself or her to just one. Experiment with some of the positions you may have only seen in pictures, who knows you may find a new one that you really enjoy.

Leigh: My favorite is still across his knee but with my upper body supported. I can't take my head hanging down.

Michael M: Favourite #1 is on the bed, over a pillow, for the strap and #2 is knees on a chair and bent over the back with hands on the mattress, for the riding crop, which is also used between parted thighs on my bits as well as across my bottom.

Ronnie: My favourite is OTK (with upper body and head supported) I'd choose that position every time if I could.

Anon 2: My favorite position right now is any position that results in being spanked on a more regular basis.

Sir Wendel: My favorite is to have her across my lap. I enjoy being bent over the end of the bed.

Yorkie: Always across her lap while she is sat on our bed leaning against the headboard. I love the intimacy of it.

Happy Spankings.

Hermione: The thought or sight of an OTK spanking never fails to excite me, but the reality is somewhat different. I don't like my head to hang down, and the pressure on my abdomen is rather uncomfortable. Ron has never chosen that position, although we sometimes do over the lap on a sofa or bed. We usually agree on having me bent over the end of the bed.

Thank you all for an enthusiastic discussion!
From Hermione's Heart

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