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Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 23

Do you have a Tumble blog? What are your thoughts on them?

Fondles: Gosh I just started my tumblr a few months ago and BIKSS too. We use it mainly for sharing sexy pics (aka porn), and short posts. Sometimes when the blog feels like too much effort I type a sentence on Tumblr and hit send.It's just easier. It feels like a more Facebook version of blogging where re-blogs, shares, and one line updates are the order of the day.

kdpierre: I don't have one.

They are great.....truly great.....for images. Some of the best stuff I find for either personal appeal or fodder for spoofing, is found via Tumblr. But I don't think they should be called "blogs". They are photo collections. Rarely have I found a Tumblr with more than a "Tweets" worth of commentary.

As such, they are one more nail in the coffin of good conversation, interaction, and intelligent analysis. No need to formulate a thought let alone a clever one, just click "like" and move on.

Enzo: Great questions Hermione and to answer them:
No I do not have a Tumblr, but have considered it many times and may do so shortly. They have a purpose like blogs and websites and books do, yet overall it is just another vehicle of communication; although it is definitely a visually driven format. I think they fit in the wider community just the same as anyone else.

The plus side, in my opinion, is that Tumblr makes publishing so much easier as mentioned by Fondles above. Feedback also seems easier as recognition is given by either a quick like or a minimal-effort repost.

The negative side is they just don’t seem as personal to me, even the ones that post actual pictures from their lives. I am not sure why exactly, but something seems more detached than on a blog.

As mentioned, I have considered starting my own so that I can avoid my long gaps between posts. Yet, overall I am hesitant as I do not like it as much since blogs seem more like a conversation over the phone where as tumblrs seem like a passing thumbs up on a busy street.

All that being said, I will give an example of a tumblr that I find a nice exception; a cross-breed between blog and tumblr - Scarlet’s Real Magic - she seems to have a nice balance going on with what she does there.

Roz: I only have the blog and don't have any social media accounts. Not sure why really lol

Michael M: I tried my hand at Tumblr, see le Cul d'Or.
It was interesting finding out how to get it to work, but it is not as enjoyable as having a blog where you can get to know people that little bit better.
I have three different tumblrs on the go at present which I keep returning to.
I certainly enjoy tracking down interesting spanking images on other people's Tumblr.

Yorkie: I have a Tumblr but it's for following all my vanilla interests and I've never actually posted anything. I reserve that for Facebook and Twitter.

Simon: I don't have a Tumblr or come to that a blog or a Facebook account. I do have a Twitter account on which I occasionally post pictures of my punishments or the ladies who have punished me. I look at Tumbler regularly as I enjoy the pictures but on the whole it does seem to encourage an incredible amount of misogyny and the comments are often exceptionally degrading and abusive about women. Blogs that I read on the other hand are friendlier and rarely contain anything I find offensive.

Leigh: No, I don't have an account.

Bonnie: Yes, I have an account and technically, I have a blog, but there's no content. I use the account to explore Tumblr in search of links for the MBS blogroll. I played around with Tumblr a little and it is really easy to create a site.

Yes, I do visit Tumblr blogs, mostly for the purpose described above. It's as difficult to generalize about Tumblr blogs as it is for Blogger or Wordpress blogs. There are some excellent diary-style blogs hosted on Tumblr that would work as well on one of the other platforms. Conversely, I see Blogger blogs that primarily host photos and that too can be effective.

I hear people say that they don't care for the pornish pictures found on many Tumblr-based spanko blogs. I completely understand. I definitely don't need to see someone's gynecological examination before breakfast. But it's not fair to characterize all Tumblr blogs as objectionable porn. In selecting links for the blogroll, I ask three questions:

Is the majority of content spanking-related?

Would the content appeal to sizable segment of MBS readers (based upon what they've told me over the years)?

Is the content free of elements I find unacceptable (minors, non-consent, graphic brutality, purely commercial, misogyny, etc.)?

I don't really consider the blogging platform. There is strong content hosted on all of them.

I believe that spankos on Tumblr are like-minded members of our community and I suggest that we should include and embrace them as our friends.

Katie: Hi Hermione, I have heard of Tumblr, but don't know much about it. It is interesting to read what people are saying about it here.

Wilma: We have a tumblr account but we only use it to read/look at other accounts. Some of them are not just photos and gifs. I regularly read The Submissive Coffee Club for example. There are some great prompts and even better responses on there.

Lucy: Hi! No I just found blogger so haven't gone looking at other platforms. Hoping to make some friends here and learn more.

Welcome, Lucy!

Ronnie: I prefer blogs to Tumblrs, more personal and I like that you can get to know the people behind the blogs so no Tumblr account. I do search out Tumblrs to find any to add to my 'In with the New' posts (depending on their content) as I do agree with Bonnie they should be welcomed.

Loki: I do have a blog on Tumblr. Originally it was set up to showcase and promote my fledgling video productions. But as time progressed, it evolved into covering political events pertaining to the African American Community and our well-being. As well as sharing information for and of The BDSM Community.

Jenn: No Tumbler account for me. I've seen a few. Only visit occasionally.

Hermione: I don't have a Tumblr account or blog, but I do visit many of them regularly for the purpose of keeping Bonnie's blogrolls up to date by identifying those that have been deleted or are inactive. I find many of them far to explicit for my taste; I'd rather leave the details to the imagination than see them up close and personal.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm in participating this week!
From Hermione's Heart

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