Monday, October 31, 2016

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for October 30

Do your spankings have an equestrian theme?

Downunder Don: Nothing of the leather variety except for an old crop purchased at a saddle shop many years ago.

abby: Like Don just a crop...which we both love. It can get into many 'interesting' places.

anna: I too use a riding crop! My crop belonged to my grandmother who loved riding horses. She was also a strong woman and more than once my siblings wondered if Gramps had felt that crop.

Welcome, anna!

Bonnie: I'm with everyone else. We have a couple of leather crops, but nothing more.

Wilma: We have a crop and a quirt. Unfortunately most recently Barney discovered that holding the leather end of the crop and using the handle gives a very different type of spanking. One I did NOT enjoy in the least. The quirt? Depends on the day.

We don't own any saddles or official riding gear, though I do have a bit gag. Not an expensive or attractive one, but it does serve its purpose.

Sir Wendel: No riding crops here. Never gave it much thought either.

Roz: We too had a crop, sadly though it broke lol

Ronnie: We have a couple of leather crops and a long whip. Also I have a pair of jodhpurs. The one thing I would really like to have is a saddle.

Michael M: Yes to the riding crop(s) and my wife's smashing jodhpurs and a delicious pair of riding boots, which I have licked on many occasion. Equestrian spanking stories are grrrreat.

Robbie: I tried several times to post the first chapter of an equestrian femdom-themed novel that was never completed, but the "comment" software wouldn't accept it because there is a 4,000-character limit. The chapter far exceeds that number, and even divided into halves or quarters, it exceeds the limit.

Any suggestions as to how I can post the chapter without emasculating it?

Welcome, Robbie! Since your chapter is too large to paste into a comment, why don't you start a blog of your own and publish it there? 

Hermione: We own a riding crop, dogging bat and dressage whip, all of which are very effective. I used to have a saddle but we never used it for spanking. I have long since outgrown my riding breeches but I still have my silk top hat, knee-high black leather boots and silver spurs.

Thank you all for trotting out your pony tales!
From Hermione's Heart

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ricky said...

Oh, Miss Hermione, I'm so glad you've got all those things, because tonight may be a dark and stormy night.