Sunday, October 16, 2016

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #147

Today we're here to talk about spanking in an open, non-judgmental atmosphere. While pondering the possibilities for a topic, I happened upon a brunch that Bonnie held in 2007 that generated the highest number of responses she had had up to that date. The question was a simple one, which I reproduce here exactly as she posed it then: who started it?

In your current relationship (or a memorable past one if you prefer), who first raised the subject of spanking? In what context? What was the initial response?

Leave your reply as a comment, and once everyone has had an opportunity to respond, I will publish a summary of our conversation.
From Hermione's Heart


WendelJones said...

When we were dating I threaten to spank the misses for misbehaving. She smiled continued acting up. I put her across my lap and started the spanking. She enjoyed it and asked for more. Shortly after I learned she enjoyed dishing it out just as much as taking it. Spanking has been a part of our relationship ever since.

Anonymous said...

Way before we were married I told my wife all about me, even the kinky bits. She knew right from the start and she still married me. She still spanks me too!

Happy Spankings


Roz said...

Great question! If I recall correctly we had both brought up vague references to spanking from time to time in a fun way teasing each other or joking and one night one light hearted reference led to a more serious discussion.

Anonymous said...

Many times during sex my wife would pat my bottom and once in awhile give me a good swat. One evening in bed I mentioned it to her and asked if she would spank me. She replied she never really thought of actually spanking me but if I wanted one she would. we discussed what she could use and I ended up giving her an old belt. She loved using it and I loved getting it. after the spanking we had wonderful sex. later we discussed the spanking. I told her I enjoyed her spanking me she said she liked giving me one and it turned her on and she would spank me any time I wanted one. That was over 20 years ago and she still spanks and uses more implements.

Our Bottoms Burn said...

I was keen to spank every girl I dated and Bacall liked the attention. After we were married I suggested that she paddle me. She took to it like a duck to water. She put a paddle in my Christmas stocking our second year together. We still have that paddle.

Aimless Rambling said...

It was me - Ray was receptive as long as it was a "fun" thing. Although I always thought I wanted more, the truth is it would never have worked and luckily Ray knew that. It's not in his DNA any other way.

His slut said...

Our relationship is BDsM based so spanking was assumed from day 1. However, I'm pretty sure I want to be spanked more than He wants to spank lol

cutiebootie said...

When my guy expressed that he liked me a lot and wanted to date me, he did so over Skype about five years ago. We talked for a while, which was important in getting to know each other.

One day, we went into talking about sex and what I was into. I was hesitant at first to tell him that I liked being spanked and was a switch. I didn't know what his reaction would be. He wanted to know, so I told him. I felt at ease when he said that it cool and that he was game to give spanking me a try. It has been a wonderful part of our relationship. He continues to get better at spanking me, which has strengthened our sex life and our relationship.

ronnie said...

P's I suppose. It started with playful swats Then much later I read some throwaway paperback on holiday, I think a Jackie Collins, in which there was a brief account of a girl getting spanked and I told him about it, I remember him reading the extract and telling me so and saying it seemed to have done her some good. I think that was probably the first time P ever mentioned it, I mean the actual determined act of spanking, and told him I agreed then later the same day he spanked and has ever since.