Saturday, October 22, 2016

You Completed the Caption

kdpierre: Francine's emphatic refusal of a second cocktail wienie forever secured her "Drama Queen" status among her friends.

Leigh: Please, give me a moment before you continue.

Michael M: "Please put that away young man. What you are suggesting is most improper and I shall tell your Aunt."

beth: But mother I feel so guilty after caning him 50 times in a row...does the guilt go away when you get to 75?

Ronnie: Oh I have the most frightful headache and I still have 2 more shows to do today.

Sir Wendel: All I wanted was a spanking from the Music Man.

Simon: No you misunderstood me, I'm a flapper not a slapper!

Anon: "Will it be the paddle or the switch? Oh, I can't look, just tell me."

js666: Florrie had no chance of getting the part after the way she overacted the lead-up to the spanking scene in her audition.

Hermione:  As the invisible man drew her closer to him and prepared to pull her over his lap, Francine realized it was futile to struggle.
From Hermione's Heart

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Fondles said...

Lol-ed out loud at flapper not slapper!!