Saturday, October 29, 2016

You Completed the Caption

What did you think of this photo? Yeah, me too!

Ricky: How come she gets a lane all to herself?
No doubt the new highway patrol enforcement policy.
Well, OK.

W.K. Builder: Drafting. It happened a lot that day...

Welcome W.K.!

Anon: Her husband told her to be prepared for a sound bare-bottomed spanking when she got home, so she was.

kdpierre: Now class, here's a picture that illustrates both meanings of "riding up".

Sir Wendel: Lucky bicycle seat.

Michael M: That looks like Julie, he said.
How do you know? his wife asked.

arched one: She hoped the sun would give her bottom a nice tan. But she knew her husband would for riding that way.

Faryak: ‘Well, you're the one who has said: “pedaling should always be with your skirt up, and panties off” so I did that’.

Welcome Faryak!

Leigh: She couldn't understand why cars kept honking as they passed.

Hermione: Master had told her to wear her shortest skirt, and she hoped this one would please him.

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