Thursday, March 9, 2017

Complete the Caption

The photographer caught this girl in an unfortunate pose. I suspect it wasn't planned...or was it? What will the poor maiden's fate be? What about the person behind the camera; accomplice or victim? You be the judge.

Complete the caption by leaving a comment and I will publish your submissions on Saturday.
From Hermione's Heart


Simon said...

Sally's attempt to make a party dress out of a discard set of net curtains and some old fur trimming did not meet with her mothers approval.

Baxter said...

Girl - oh doctor yes bent over like this has made my dizziness go away and my back feels better.
Doctor - hold that position a while longer Miss, I do believe I need to examine your posterior. Hmmm yes, young lady, you have a fine bottom.
Girl - oh doctor, thank you, I do pride myself on the appearance of my bottom, especially when bare.
Doctor - Bare?
Girl - oh yes, my master demands that I have a plump bottom when he spanks me.
Doctor - your master has good taste

Aimless Rambling said...

Is this how you want me?

Anonymous said...

Say "Cheese"

kdpierre said...

Sometimes after a few drinks, Ethel would do her risqué impersonation of a Pacman ghost.

js666 said...

Today in Women's History

Emeline Rosebottom, whose contributions to camouflage research would one day help the Allies win WWII, failed in one of her earliest attempts to make her father believe her bum was actually foliage.

kdpierre said...

"High end escorts in Bangalore"?

You learn something new everyday at Hermione's! I didn't think there was anything 'high end' in Bangalore! ( they probably just mean the escort is willing to bend so their bottom is sticking up.)

Anonymous said...

She was badly advised on her camouflage ,hiding from her lovers wife! Joe

Anonymous said...

I do hope this provocative outfit and pose will entice him to do something other than spank my bottom after he lifts my dress.

Well, I'm about to find out if this steel mesh dress provides my bottom with the protection from the cane that the manufacturer said it would.

I can't believe I let my girlfriends talk me into joining them in wearing these see-through dresses to the party. I knew Ralph would be upset with me for wearing such a risque outfit in public and that I'd probably get a spanking for it, but I figured he'd wait until we got home. But here I am, bent over this chair in the bedroom waiting for him to secure a paddle from our host so he can give me a good roasting. It's going to be so embarrassing to go back downstairs with my red bottom exposed and knowing everyone will be able to see that he just paddled me for being such a naughty girl. But, as bad as that's going to be, at least he isn't spanking me in public, which would have been absolutely humiliating. And, I can take solace in the fact that I won't be the only one sporting a crimson behind as all my girlfriends are currently ensconced in adjoining bedrooms waiting to receive the same treatment from their husbands. Ummmmm, I just wonder what we'll wear to the next party!

Sweetspot said...

Frank says he's going to spank me with a hairbrush until April 28th and then to celebrate Arbor Day he's going to cut a switch and use that.

Frank says he's going to spank me until Christmas. He says it will keep me so busy I won't be on the naughty list again this year - what a sweetheart!

Frank says he's going to spank me so hard that my snowy-white bottom will look like two shells that have been dipped in red Easter egg dye.

Frank says that to celebrate Valentine's Day he'll be using a heart shaped paddle for my spanking. He says it's a gift that won't help me put on weight or make me sneeze. - I appreciate his kindness!

Frank says he's not going to be spanking me from now until Thanksgiving after all. I hope he doesn't expect me to be thankful.

Frank says that next Independence Day. He going to be in charge of the fireworks and that I'll be supplying the waterworks. I wonder what he means by that?

Frank says that this New Years Eve is going to be MY Night To Howl! Will I think we all know what he means by that.

Frank says that this President's Day we'll be role-playing what happened to George Washington AFTER he told his father he cut down the cherry tree. As you've probably already guessed I'll be playing George.

Frank says this Halloween it's going to be all treat and no tricks. I think by now you can all guess just what Frank and I will be doing.

WendelJones said...

For you sheer spanking pleasure.