Saturday, March 25, 2017

You Completed the Caption

Tony Conrad: Well I'm ready if he asks for it which I hope he does.

Welcome, Tony!

Baxter: Enjoy looking up my dress because in a few minutes you are going to be bent over the couch arm with me whipping your bare bottom, mister.

Simon: Lady Isabel's riding dress had caused much comment amongst the members of the hunt.

kdpierre: In the early days, floss was much thicker than it is today.

Ronnie: Come and get it you naughty boy.

Sir Wendel: Now off to the woodshed with ya, I’ll be in promptly to give you a whipping.

Hermione: Hmmm. Which knee shall I bend him over? I think this one will work best.

Please stay for brunch, coming up next. You will be given a very warm welcome ;)
From Hermione's Heart

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