Monday, March 6, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for March 5

My double birthday celebration—for both me and my blog—was lots of fun. Ron prepared my favourite breakfast, and there were cards, gifts, songs and spankings. There were no handmade implements among the presents, but we have plenty already. More than enough, I sometimes think. Are there any handmade toys in your homes?

Roz: Happy Birthday Hermione! Hope you have or had a wonderful day and weekend :) No homemade implements here.

Downunder Don: Have a very Happy Birthday, Hermione.
Yes, many of our toys are hand made. All the paddles are either made from wood or lexan. And Yes, they all work rather effectively.

Anon: I made a series of paddles to suit the situation. Short for touch up. Mid length for otk. Longer for leaning over while the spanker stands up. All of these are 1/2 inch by 1.5 inch furniture grade plywood rounded with a handle cut in for a good grip. Other implements include a lighter paddle made of oak that looks like a 5 gallon paint stirrer, but much prettier. It stings in a very different way. My wife determines what is appropriate in a given circumstance. All give me a good reason for a spankey dance at the end, and warm memories the next day or two.
Love what you do with your blog.

Sir Wendel: Never made anything unless you count the occasional switch. When we go hiking we usually end up making one each but do not keep them after the whippings are finished.

Lindy: Happy birthday Hermione, hope you have a fabulous celebration.
We don't exactly have hand made but Bear bought a beer paddle which is uses to spank me. I wish he would make something as he is very handy that way.

Jan: Happy Birthday Hermione, hope you have a lovely day. No handmade implements here, still got plenty to play with though.

arched one: Happy Birthday Hermione. We have two that I made for her to use on me. One is a whip I made with leather boot laces the second is a paddle that is on the small side so she can reach some unreachable places. Both do the job very well.

Dr. Ken: Happy birthday, Hermione, and many happy birthday spankings to you! You know I'd provide one if it was at all possible! :-)

I don't have any toys that I made myself, but I do have a nice little red leather strap that was made for me by a friend out East. It's just two pieces of red leather hot-glued together. It's about a foot long maybe two inches wide. It's just a little stinger, but quite nice!

Wilma: Happy Birthday!

Yes we have a few handmade implements. The most undesirable one could be described as a cat-o-nines made from rawhide strands (like what a dog would chew on but finer) that have been knotted every few inches. It doesn't really sting on impact but is sure burns after. Barney made that after talking to a 'friend'.
Mostly though I would say he has 'pervertables'. He does have rubber hoses and braided neoprene ropes in his 'goodie box', but no homemade paddles.

Baxter: We bought a piece of wood a few years ago for the express purpose of my making a paddle for her to use. This blog is a reminder to do that. Thanks. Happy Birthday Hermione - hope your birthday spanking is memorable.

Leigh: Yes, we have a handmade wooden paddle given to us by a friend. The rest have been purchased either expressly for or pervertables.

Rick: Wishing you a most happy birthday complete with a warm bottom!!

Ronnie: Happy Birthday Hermione. Hope you are having a wonderful day.

No toys that we've made ourselves. We do have a small handmade paddle given to us by our friend Bogey and Bacall which P loves and I hate. Also the rose paddle from John and the leather strap from the London Tanners, both are handmade.

Hobbes: Freuliche Geburtstag! We have one home made. An auto mechanic left an eighteen inch length of rubber brake hose in the car after fixing the brakes. Works really well. Very, very quiet; innocuous to carry when traveling; extremely effective. If you have young children about, live in an apartment, or want quiet but intense go to your local auto parts store and for a dollar or so you will get just what you need. This is a much softer, more pliable hose than plastic or hard rubber which I would NOT recommend. Think of your high school chem lab Bunsen burner...

Yorkie: I had a home made implement once. I dismantled a kids' toy broom so that all I had was the handle - a 60cm long 10mm diameter dowel rod that left some wicked marks. Wish I still had it but we broke it...

Hermione: The only homemade implement we have is a belt that I bought, cut to the right size, folded into a loop and added a handle out of vetwrap. It was too limp and floppy to make much of an impression. I like arched one's idea of a flogger from leather boot laces. I might give it a try,

Thank you all for the warm birthday wishes!
From Hermione's Heart


kdpierre said...

Belated Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was a fun one.

Terpsichore said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad your day was special :-) Hugs

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, Hermione! It's sounds as if you had a wonderful day.