Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #167

Welcome back to another brunch, where we discuss all things spanking. Before we begin, I must apologize for all the spam comments that seems to be slipping through the spam filters and are being published on my blog. I think I have removed them all.

If you receive a published spam comment, don't simply delete it from the list of comments. Instead, go to your dashboard (if you use Blogger) and click on Comments on the left. Then choose Published and mark the offending comments as Spam. Now choose Spam comments and delete them. This will train the spam filters and eventually the unwanted spam comments will be automatically sent to the Spam folder.

Now back to spanking and today's topic which is bratting.

Do you or your partner ever intentionally act in a naughty way in order to provoke a spanking? What is the usual result of this bratting? 

As usual, leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion after everyone has had a chance to contribute.
From Hermione's Heart


WendelJones said...

Occasionally the misses will act up in the hopes of getting a spanking. The one that got her the butt turned the reddest was when she pretended she was drinking a big cup of hot coffee then spilled it on my lap. I was relieved to discover it was cold milk. She only gave me an “Opps” comment. I marched her to a kitchen chair, put her bare bottom over my lap and proceeded to give her a heck of a paddling. She couldn’t sit for over a day.

Roz said...

Hi Hermione, thank you for the tip. I will confess to intentional moments of naughtiness or brattiness on occasion when we had a dd dynamic. The results were mixed. Sometimes no response, sometimes a talking to and other times, a spanking.


Dr. Ken said...

When I did have a partner, she "earned" her spankings more from a sense of playfulness than real bratty behavior. If any lady now wants to brat me in order to get a spanking, I'm okay with it--as long as she knows when to stop!

Anonymous said...

Hi Hermione,

Nothing of the sort required in our situation. Just an increasingly matter of fact discussion these days about when we play and then we do it. We were going to play tonight but both of us are really tired and she is not feeling well. Sigh. Maybe next week...

Happy Spankings


Bonnie said...

It's a question of nomenclature I think. Is it bratting when I stroll through the living room wearing a t-shirt and a pair of form fitting pale pink yoga pants while he's watching sports on TV? Or when I accidentally leave a leather paddle on his nightstand? If those constitute bratting, then I'm guilty and the penalty is, of course, a good bottom warming. He saves his best (hardest) spankings for those occasions when I ask, either verbally of non-verbally. As a result, I've learned to "Be careful what I ask for..." But I still ask sometimes.

Anonymous said...

My SO gets mouthy knowing that will work, as well as interfering in things that are not her business. That resulted in a very hard otk session Saturday. This morning, she surprised me by showing what she brought, a paddle inscribed "I think I deserve a spanking", so again today, she went otk. She just left an hour ago, still with a very colorful, marked bottom. No doubt, she will be bratty again, and each time receive a harsher reminder than the prior time.

Eric51Amy49 said...

I've tried to brat-it-up to get spanked and Eric purposely ignores it or goes in the opposite of what I'm looking for. Then, the next time it's a legit spanking, he'll add a few extra strokes for the prior behavior. His goal is to get me to "just say when you need a spanking" but sometimes the point is being "taken in hand".


ronnie said...

Hermione, thanks for the tip. Seem to be getting quite a bit of spam lately.

I definitely can, and have been naughty and a bit of a bratt and it nearly always ends up with me having a warm bottom.