Saturday, March 4, 2017

You Completed the Caption

Red: It seems the fireplace is not working to warm our bottoms, sweetie! Can you help, please?

Leigh: Wow, wouldn't it be terrific to really learn what as behind this picture?

Anon 1: From a woman's view, it seems one of them has a boyfriend that spanks her and she told her friend and so both are presenting their cute bottoms. I know my best friend and I did the same thing, only it was her boyfriend who like to spank and we both provoked him. Boy did it feel really good, lucky I have a husband who does a very good job at spanking my bare bottom.

Brunette: "See? I told you we were twins! You just can't tell by looking at our faces!"

Ronnie: Well come on, what are you waiting for?

Anon 2: The age of the picture that would be daring in those days. But it still looks like two wanting to be spanked, pulling the panties the rest of the way and spanking those bottoms, sure would be nice and fun.

Anon 3: Do you think we are covered enough to keep it from hurting?

First gal: Ooooh look at that paddle he has!
Second gal: The hell with the paddle, look at what else he has.
First gal: That will get better while he spanks us
Second gal: Oh yeaaaahhhhhh, wooooo yeah. Come on big boy, spank us, spank us.
First gal: Yes yes, paddle me, spank me.

Lindy: Two for the price of one. Come on fellas. make a girl happy!

Anon 4: Girl on the right: I'm thinking this wasn't such a good idea, after all.
Girl on the left: What do you mean? You said they'd think this was funny and that they'd just give us playful spankings.
Girl on the right: I'm not so sure about that now. Did you see the look on their faces? They didn't look amused.
Girl on the left: Oh, I'm sure that's just for show. They wouldn't give us real spankings, would they?
Girl on the right: I think the fact that they just fetched our hairbrushes says they would.
Girl on the left: What are we going to do?
Girl on the right: I think we're going to be two very, very sorry and sore girls.
Girl on the left: Oh, nooooooooooooooo!

Minelle: "The panties are stuck, can you help us pull them further?"

Sir Wendel: Mandy and Mindy prepared for their paddling from Mom and the dreaded hair brush.

Dr. Ken: He told them they were both going to get a good spanking, but he couldn't help feeling that Donna's reaction to the news was a bit...unusual.

Hermione: No, girls. You have those thongs on upside down.
From Hermione's Heart

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