Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday FAIL

Now I've seen everything! The latest electronic gadget available on Amazon is the butt phone. Yes, really! It's the world's smallest phone, called the Beat the Boss 3in1, and with its rounded edges and small design (as large as a finger) it is small enough to slip into your butt. But why? The most common reason people buy these phones is to bring them into prisons undetected.

Check out some of the reviews by satisfied Amazon customers:

Well handy! A great product for sneaking in the back door.


 Absolutely chuffed with this phone. Smaller that I originally thought, it's smaller than a disposable lighter. (Trust me the smaller the better). There's only one reason you'd buy this phone and for that reason this phone is definitely for u!

 She used to bring me roses now it's a rounded phone with no sharp edges.

 I've been extremely satisfied with this phone's quality. Unfortunately it seems extremely easy to accidentally butt dial your contacts in circumstances where the phone might get randomly poked a few times in a row. My mom was terribly confused and I had a lot of explaining to do.

 Fits in your prison wallet! What more can you ask for than this ergonomic phone that fits snugly in your rectum. The only phone I would recommend to anyone that needs to hide their phone in a deep dark place far away from prying eyes.

 You can barely feel the vibrate function when it's concealed. Bluetooth reception is okay but using the small buttons while it's concealed is nearly impossible. I just don't have that kind of muscle control.

This is the real deal. I was really worried I was done for when my boss grabbed me by the p*ssy, but it stayed discrete and hidden. Granted, he does have exceptionally tiny hands, but still - it impressed me bigly!

From Hermione's Heart


abby said...

This is for sure a of those..who would ever think of such a thing...laughed reading the reviews, tho. hugs abby

ronnie said...

Definitely a fail. The reviews made me laugh. Thanks Hermione.


Roz said...

LoL at the reviews, definite fail. Thank you Hermione, hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


Aimless Rambling said...

Gives a whole new meaning to 'butt call'. I have to give this a fail.

kdpierre said...

I actually think it's not a fail at all. This is a very practical development. So many people already have their heads up their asses.............. and now they can at least take calls!

WendelJones said...

So I guess this gives a new meaning to the term Phone Sex for these people. Just curious where they would keep the blue tooth headset. Have a great week end Hermione.

Baxter said...

OMG, what won't they think of next

Anonymous said...

Having worked in a prison for 20 years I can tell you that if these existed, I could have sold hundreds of them.

Cat said...

Good gravy...the idea of using a phone after it's been stuck up someone's butt...yuck! The comments did make me laugh. ;)

Hugs and blessings...Cat