Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday FAIL

Many of us are on vacation and are traveling to exotic, interesting, or familiar locations for a break from routine. But some hotels and motels have few repeat customers. Here are a few examples of places I would not return to.

 Not a very friendly welcome.

 What's with the no smoking ashtray? Has it been repurposed as a coaster?

 Where's the view?

The bathroom vent doesn't work!

 There's no point in complaining either!

Next year we'll stay home.
From Hermione's Heart


kdpierre said...

Hmmmm. That "warm" notice wasn't very warm at all! ;-)

Leigh Smith said...

I love the last and then there's deceptive view. lol

Roz said...

Great fails Hermione. For some reason the Bates Motel sign tickled me. Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


Katie said...

Enjoyed the fails, Hermione! :) My fav is the last one! That's a sure fire way of dealing with complaints! Have a great weekend! Many hugs,

<3 Katie