Saturday, July 15, 2017

You Completed the Caption

What did you think would happen in the fourth panel of this montage? Your captions went like this:

Baxter: It could go two ways:

1 - a bare bottomed man appears over her knee

2 - a man appears and clears her clothing away revealing a bare bottom and is quickly put over his knee.

Leigh: "I wonder what's going to happen when he comes in and sees me like this?"

sub hub: "I hear the lad coming this way. I'd better prepare for his admonishment."

A.J.: Getting spanked for showing too much ankle?

Hands63: The three bears come home and find her sleeping in their bed.

Anon: Peeking through the windows of my cottage yet again, you naughty recalcitrant lad. It is these pantaloons that fascinate you so?

It's time I taught you a lesson. Fetch me that birch, then bend over and unbuckle those trousers. Do it now, you've so much to learn.

Ronnie: I wonder what he has in store for me as he said he wants me undressed before he arrives.

Liza: Rosalind tells Orlando she wants the spanking to be harder and longer this time. Orlando replies, "As you like it."

Sir Wendel: My first thought:
(4th frame): Shows her sleeping.

But then I came to my senses:
(Frame 1 - 3): Antoinette quickly prepared for a good caning as she heard her dear Geoffrey approach the door. (4th frame): Shows Geoffrey sleeping while Antoinette rubs her sore striped bottom.

Hermione: I think I hear him coming. I'll take off my stockings because he always ties me up with them before spanking me. Ouch!

Excellent captions. Stay tuned for more fun at brunch, being served on the patio later today.
From Hermione's Heart

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kdpierre said...

Normally I like to toss in a caption, but for some reason with this set I just drew a blank. However, it's nice to see everyone else had some ideas. Hands63's 3 bears comment really made me chuckle.