Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Guest Post - Bloomingdale's

Some time ago, I shared a true story sent to me by our good friend and regular reader A.J.  He promised me a followup, and here it is.

We are a few months into our relationship that now includes a little spanking.  It's not an all-the-time thing, just once in a while and only for the sheer kinky fun of it.  We never hurt each other nor spanked for punishment.  Sherry has been spanked a few times; and she has spanked me, not as often as I do her, but she's done it!  Both of us spank and are spanked because we both found it so sexy.  We are so comfortable being with each other.

It's mid-week, after work, and we are at a restaurant in a mall.  After, we leave the restaurant to head for the car and walk by Bloomingdale's,  And that is when Sherry suddenly remembers she needs to "pick up a few things".  I didn't groan out loud, but inside my head I sure did. I hate shopping, even by myself for myself, but tagging along with someone when you want to be somewhere/anywhere else...?  Oh, jeeze.  Damn. Suck it up, big boy!

We go into Bloomingdale's.

Now, it's already well after 8PM and they close at 9 so there are very few people in the store, and little time.  To make the best of a bad time, I start acting the fool.  Making jokes about people, things on sale, just anything and everything, making myself a little pest and acting goofy, and pushing her buttons a bit with it.

We wind up in ladies' lingerie.  Oh, yeah.  Always a favorite for guys, amiright? - and the place is deserted with only the sales clerk, a woman, probably around 24, in the department, ready and eager to lock up and go home.  I'm picking up odd pieces of lingerie and cracking wise using them as props.   Sherry has found what she wants and is with the clerk checking out when I see this rather large pair of women's panties, hold them up and said something like, "Hope these aren't in your future!"  Or something like that.

Frustrated with my antics Sherry then asks (groans?) the clerk, "Ummmm.  How do you get men to stop acting like idiots?"

Clerk:  "Ha. There's no answer to that one."

And then Sherry sighs.  And then there is that slight pause....  And then she says to the clerk quite clearly, "Maybe I'll just have to spank him."

I heard that!  I heard that!  Sherry just used the s-word!  In public!  To a civilian!  Not supposed to do that.  I'm more than a little surprised, but I'm now deep into 'fool' mode and, dammit - I can't let her get away with that!!

Me, (in a whiny voice):  "Oh!  A spanking.  I'm so afraid. Not that.  Not that, pleeeese."

Well, she heard that, looks up and me, points a waggling finger toward me like a teacher giving a warning to a 7-year-old and, with a face full of smiles and bright eyes says, "Ahhhh!!  All right!  All right! Now you've done it!  You asked for it! (Wait for it....wait....wait....wait... here it comes...)  ...Wait 'til we get home!"

Yeah.  Those words; words we've all heard before.  And we all know what those words imply.

The clerk is now laughing!  And I mean she just has a face full of smiles and giggles!   I come up behind Sherry as she's getting checked out, still over-playing the fool, kissing the back of her neck, my arms around her waist, and just pouring 'the pest' on:  "Oh, please, no.  Not that.  Don't spank me," etc, etc.

Sherry is furiously trying to sign everything and get her receipt and packages as fast as she can, and I'm in the way.  And she's smiling through pursed lips the whole time, and mumbling, "Oooooh; just you wait 'til I get you home!"  She finally gets everything, turns, takes me by the sleeve and says very clearly, the magic words, "Let's go home.  We. Need. To. Talk."  And you damn well know the dead tone in which that last sentence was delivered.

We go about three steps towards the exit.  Sherry pauses, stops, looks back at the clerk and asks, "Whatdaya think; bare bottom?"

Oh, sweet Mary, what a moment!  The clerk almost explodes!  Hell - I almost exploded!  The clerk is a grinning fool and gives Sherry - a thumbs up!  PERMISSION!

I see that and just glare at the clerk and give her a pained, eyes and mouth wide-open 'What...? I-thought-you-were-my-friend' look.  The clerk then tells Sherry, "And give him a couple for me!"  I just glared at her (friendly, though) as I was pulled toward the door.  I think we made that clerk's week.

Out of the store and into the mall and Sherry is taking long strides toward indoor parking, pushing and pulling me all the while like a mom on a mission with a 5-year-old, her heels making that determined clicking sound on polished granite women in heels make when they walk too fast.  She's still smiling; but it's an evil smile!

In the car.  I'm in the driver's seat.  "C'mon.  Start the car. We need to get home.  C'mon. C'mon... C'mon..."

I start driving and see her with one leg crossed over the other, top leg moving up and down, shoe hanging on her toes, twisting her ankles.... Uh-oh.  She's not looking at me, but I can occasionally see her reflection in her window; lips slightly pursed - but still, a bit of a smile.  And she's thinking!  Or is it scheming?

We're at her place in about 10 minutes and she is out of the car in a flash, pushing and pulling me to the door, "C'mon, C'mon.  Let's go.  Move it!"

We get into the foyer.  Not wasting time and in a hurry, she just throws her packages to the floor and pushes me into the living room behind the big sofa and tells me to "Get those pants down!  Now!  C'mon!  Hurry!" and fumbling with my belt and zipper trying to make it happen even faster.  Hell, she so anxious she hadn't even taken the time to take off her coat!

My pants are now down at my ankles and I'm pushed over the back of the sofa.  In one swoop, down come my shorts.   She positions herself, winds up her right arm and says, "You asked for this and now you're going to get it.  Laugh at this!"  With that I get a pretty good swat on my left cheek.   (Oh!  Good one.)  Then the right cheek; another pretty good one, too.  But I'm still playing the fool and in with a whiny voice, "Ow. No. That hurts.  Please don't spank me."  That made her more determined, but at least she's still grinning, and I get a couple more pretty sold whacks.   We're having fun.

So I'm still being the whiny and laughing BF and start to wriggle and move my bottom left and right - making her miss the target!  Sometimes a glancing shot, some near misses, none of them are like those first two she had landed, and she's getting peeved.  She can't consistently land solid smacks!  Ha!  I'm winning!

After her telling me to "Stand still!  Stop moving around!" ('cuz, 'ya know, that always works) and my ignoring her, she gives a, "Grrrr!", parks her left hip on the back of the sofa right up next to me, right foot on the floor for stability, and puts her left arm around my lower waist to keep me, relatively, in place.  I can't move as freely, and she goes to town.  I'm getting a good spanking now, and it's coming harder and faster.  In my mind I could almost see her; bright eyes, an evil smile, lips pursed, teeth clenched, and delivering full, bare-hand swats on my wriggling bottom.  She's one determined woman.  Gawd, I love her.  It's not that hard a spanking because of our positions, she still doesn't have the right angle.  Besides, it didn't hurt.  Sherry hit like a girl.  (I can say that.  Now.)

She spanked me hard and fast only for maybe about one minute, tops. And then it's over.  I then stand up from the sofa, rubbing my now-pink bottom. I look at her beautiful face and see those sparkling eyes, that Cheshire cat-like grin.  And she's panting!  Literally, she's panting from the exertion. She looks so beautiful!  I'm so turned on.  Did I mention along with a red tingling bottom I also had a raging erection?  No?  Yup.

"Gotcha' good, didn't I smart boy?"

"Yeah; you did.  Whooo!" I smiled and rubbed.  Then I hugged her close.  And lovingly. And kissed her sweetly on her neck, just the way she loves it.  She wraps her arms around me in turn.  I whisper in her ear, "And now I'm going to fuck you, and there's not a damn thing you can do to stop me."

She gives out that fake "Eeeeek; Oh no you're not!", and starts to run.  I make a move to grab her.  OK, one and all, lesson for the day: you cannot run very hard or fast when your slacks and undershorts are around your ankles.  Just sayin'...  Take notes if you need to.

I trip and start to fall but was able to grasp just a bit of that coat she forgot to take off and pull her to the floor with me in a tumble.  There began the struggle to get her out of her slacks and panties, not to mention my getting my slacks, shorts and shoes off.  (It wasn't easy!)  "You woke up the penis; and he must be fed - for he is hungry!"

She could easily have stopped me at any time if she wanted to, but despite all her pathetic and fake "No!! No!" squeals and totally feeble efforts trying to keep her pants on, she was into it.  Which was good; because I sure as hell was.

I finally get her slacks and panties off, part her legs and soon enough she is going "Ummmmm!" and you hear that little "Uuh!" intake of air women do when you've hit "it" right and their back arches.  God, that's a great moment.  I watch and see her suck in her breath while biting her lower lip.   I got her.  I got her.  I own her.  I own her orgasm!  Own it!  And now it's all 'Grand Aria at the opera' time!

The rest I can leave to your imagination.

After, we just lie on the floor enjoying what had happened and quietly talking.  Me:  "You told the clerk about spanking me, but I'm the one that winds up getting spanked!"

"Oh, and you weren't asking for it?  Besides. You got laid."  (An implied: "So there.")

"Yeah; and a red, sore butt too!"

"I like it!  It looks so cute."  (Eagerly) "Maybe I should do it again!!!

"Not tonight, honey.  By the way, how's the carpet burn?"  (Big shit-eating grin here.)

"Oh, yeah. That."  (Smiles.)

Gawd, I love her.


A little epilogue:

This was fun, but I think it only could have been pulled off in the manner it did.  If it was reversed and it was me pointing to her and threatening a spanking the clerk may well have called security or the local police.  It's funny only when it's a woman threatening her boyfriend with a spanking because, well, that's cool. Not so when it is the other way around.  Which I think is fair.

It was a great night.  It never happened again and I never saw the clerk again, not out of any embarrassment, just that I don't like shopping to begin with, especially lingerie, so it would be a rare event if I wound up there again.  I'd really like to know what that clerk was thinking as she saw us leave Bloomingdale's that night. Probably smiled all the way home.  And while I never went back, Sherry certainly did.  And if she encountered that clerk again she never told me.

Last, in the other story I sent to Hermione about being in the antiques store acting the fool, the female owner of the store had asked when we were going to get married, something that she really had me thinking about.  Seriously thinking.  Sherry was smart, cute, sexy with great gams and a truly spankable tush, a real dry, smart-mouth wit, and a woman whom I loved and wanted to be with all the time.  Marriage?  Could Sherry be "the one"?

No.  It didn't happen.

I mentioned in that last post the I met Sherry when working on a contract and she was appointed to be the person I had to deal with instead of the director.  What I didn't mention was my "client" was the U.S. Army, and Sherry was a Captain in that army.  Yup!  Sherry was career Army.  She was born into a military family, and like her father, wanted to make it a career.

A few months after that "fun" in the antiques store, Sherry told me that she had spent some time with one of the personnel officers assigned to her branch of the Army to plan out the next phase of her career.  She sat down and told me that in a few months she was going to be reassigned and sent to the "Advanced Course" for her branch, and after that 4-6 month course, get her first overseas assignment:  To South Korea. For at least a year.  She would be gone from me for at least 18 months.  Worse, after Korea she would be reassigned to another army post, most likely NOT Washington.

And that's what killed off any ideas about getting our married.  I had, a couple years before, got out of the Army myself, was now established in my career path and finally - finally! - making enough money so that I was not living paycheck to paycheck. I might have been able to get back in, but the likelihood we would serve in the same place at that same time was slim, and I'd be years behind my peers for promotion.  And that ended the relationship.  I lost her.

The last I heard is that she wound up in Texas after South Korea, met a guy in the army, got married, had kids, and "found Jesus".

And now, decades later, because of Hermione's website, all that is coming back to me, and I'm left wondering what could have been. Should I have followed her...? 
Readers, what do you think?
From Hermione's Heart


Eric51 Amy49 said...

Thank you for sharing! This was a fun story to wake up to but I think you're right about this only working with the female being the threatening one. Eric and I love to play and would gladly do it in public but people seem to be more angered or frightened rather than amused. It's too bad because I think that comes from years of news reports about domestic violence and abuse. I've been there and it is a terrible thing, but there is also the other side which can be extremely loving and healthy as well.

Anonymous said...

Been there, done that, but my wife did not wait until we got home. The dressing rooms were in the back of the store and to my shock I was soon across her lap, bare from the waist down. Please they will hear I said and she started. I knew others heard, and worse seeing me walk out of the dressing room. My wife finished purchasing her items, paying for it, the clerk was smiling, my wife smiled and said they are just like little boys at times, and spankings sure work. Jack

Roz said...

Hi Hermione and AJ, thank you for sharing this wonderful and fun story. Very talented writing, I enjoyed reading this. It's a shame things didn't continue with Sherry.


ronnie said...

AJ, thanks for allowing Hermione to share your story. Really enjoyed it. It is a shame things didn't continue but personally I don't think it would have worked out for you both. Hermione, thank you.


Hermione said...

It was my pleasure to post this excellent story, and A.J. tells me that he has more on the way to share with us.


Anonymous said...


Well, I'm glad you all got a kick out of it. I remember it so well because, well, it was Sherry, and it was just so damn funny at the time.

We only spanked each other for the fun of it; never as a "punishment", and never hard either (except for a few swats I once got from a paddle one also-memorable evening).

In all the time we were together we never fought about anything. Peeved over silly things, of course, but nothing ever serious. I do remember one time a small issue where I knew I was right and let it ride. A day later Sherry comes up to me with a look of resignation on her face, and sighed, "You were right; I was wrong."

"YES!!!" I thought. I. Won. I get to gloat! And then Sherry pulls "that" paddle out from behind her back and hands it to me. "Here..."

Well, I can't gloat now. Stifling myself and forcing a stern disposition, I take advantage of the moment. I took the paddle and immediately took her hand and dragged her into the kitchen, probably surprising her. Told her to drop her pants and get over the kitchen counter. She did, over a high counter that had her feet off the floor. I slipped her panties off and lined up....!

And I gave her One. Tap. Not "TAP!!" Not "SMACK!!!" Nor "WHACK!" One. Little. 'tap' And then I leaned forward and kissed her cheek. (No! Not that cheek!) And thanked her.

Not being a fool and having her in this position, certain advantages were taken, if-you-know-what-I-mean-and-I-think-you-do.

Sometime later the tables were turned and I brought out that paddle. Same scene; me with pants and shorts down and over that same counter. I got a bit more than a "tap", but barely. "Benefits?", you ask. I had to clean her bathroom. She just didn't get how this game is supposed to be played!


Anonymous said...

Ms. Hermione,

Being spanked in a lingerie store is one of my life-long fantasies. There have been a couple of interesting moments but nothing so close as the story above.

Once I was looking at the pretty pink panties while the two saleswomen were helping my wife find her bra size. One of them asked my wife if I was looking for my size or hers.

I don't remember her response, but I do know I can be difficult when doing errands with her. I imagine her telling that to the salesgirls, then putting me in a pair of those panties in the dressing room, and taking my clothes before announcing that she has more errands to do and will be back in a bit. She tells the salesgirls they are welcome to spank me if I misbehave or if they just get bored.


Enzo said...

Hermione and AJ - Thanks for sharing this story as it was an enjoyable read.
As you mentioned it would only work this way and not in the reverse; which I find rather unfortunate. I understand why, but still wonder why that is the case overall.