Wednesday, July 19, 2017

If - the caning scene

Yesterday I mentioned that the story I posted reminded me of the movie If. It was a movie I went to see with a friend soon after it came out, and I was both shocked and delighted to see such a lengthy caning scene in it. I had been hoping that since it was a school story, there might be a bit of discipline on offer, and I wasn't disappointed. I struggled to conceal my pleasure from my friend, who did not understand why I wanted to stay and see the movie again!

From Hermione's Heart


The Glenmore said...

Girls always loved to watch us boys get the cane or slipper.Thanks for sharing H.

Eric51 Amy49 said...

That was intense! I've never seen a real cane, let alone felt one. Don't think I could handle it - especially not with the running start these chaps took.

ronnie said...

Hermione, you've bought back memories. I'd forgotten all about the film. I remember being quite shocked to see a caning like that. Thank you for sharing.


Katie said...

I've never heard of this movie, Hermione! That caning was indeed hard to watch! YIKES! The poor faces of all of the younger boys, hearing from their various classrooms. Well edited scene. Thanks for sharing! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

kdpierre said...

Since I have never seen this scene before, in looking at it now for the first time, I find the whole atmosphere of angry defiance and intentional male-on-male cruelty to make this scene far too disturbing to trigger any erotic connection for me. But I can see how such a scene in one's PAST could be a powerful magnet for people like us. In fact, I distinctly recall a panel from a historical 'comic book' I read as a kid where a very similar level of cruelty played out......and it acted as a magnet for me. I think some of these things are very rooted in WHEN we first experienced them rather than what they actually depict.

Anonymous said...

I agree with KDpierre that the emotional effect of the timing (when the incident happens) in an individual’s development / maturation process (physical, mental, emotional and sexual) is important, but believe that the intensity of the incident can also affect the emotional result. The end of the clip, I think, was also important in that it showed an emotionally troubled person, in a private setting after the caning. It is not clear from the clip whether the caning caused the disturbance, but it certtainly didn’t aid in diminishing it.

More entertaining though Hermione, is the fact that you enjoyed it. That is kind of hot!

Thank you for the blog.


Roz said...

That was some caning! I hadn't heard of this movie before. Thanks for sharing Hermione.


Hermione said...

Glenmore - I'll bet they did!

Amy - I think the running start is meant to be like bowling in cricket.

Ronnie - It was quite shocking!

Katie - I suspect all those boys had been on the receiving end at one time or another.

KDPierre - I agree. Much of the spanking fiction I read in the early days was awfully violent, but fine to recall now.

Jack - The caning did indeed spark a very violent ending to the movie.

Roz - I'm showing my age now!