Saturday, July 1, 2017

The Big 150!

Today is Canada's 150th birthday, and we are celebrating all across the nation. I would like to share with you a heartwarming video of our great country and the people in it.

Brunch will be served later than usual - call it a midnight snack!
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Happy 150th to Canada! Thank you for sharing the awesome video of your beautiful country Hermione. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the celebrations :)


Katie said...

Hi Hermione! :)
Happy 150th Birthday to Canada! What a lovely video! Thanks so much for sharing! You live in a beautiful country.

Rob and I had a fabulous visit to Vancouver, a few years back. It was so beautiful! I loved the endless walkways along the water, as well as well... everything! We met some lovely people, and even learned how to make a mighty fine cocktail, from an awesome bartender! We want to do a lot more exploring around Canada in future.

Have a wonderful celebration! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Our Bottoms Burn said...

We are close to the border today and will cross next Wednesday. We will enjoy the sights all the way to Prince Rupert. Our gasoline cost will double, but we see it as the price to enjoy the scenery.

ronnie said...

Happy Canada Day. Lovely video. Thanks for sharing Hermione. Canada is on my bucket list, maybe one day I'll get to see your beautiful country.


Anonymous said...

Happy Canada Day, Hermione! Canada is a beautiful country and the people are wonderful. I hope to visit again one day. I'm so happy you're our neighbor.


Red said...

Happy Canada Day to everyone
bottoms up

Red said...

Oops: ps: that was a great video and song

Leigh Smith said...

Happy 150th - thoroughly enjoyed the video. Thanks for being such gracious neighbors even when we've been less than that. We will again, eventually, I hope, keeping my fingers crossed. don't give up on us and please pray. Hope you enjoyed the day.

Belsteph said...

What a great country Canada is! Hopefully they will never elect someone like the deranged clown that we are stuck with in USA.

I'm proud to say that I have had a business relationship with a hospital in Toronto. Your healthcare system is vastly superior to what we have in the US and also costs half as much per person.

Hermione said...

Roz - Thank you. I think your country is pretty awesome too!

Katie - Vancouver is indeed a very special city.

Bogey - I really envy your cheap gasoline prices.

Ronnie - I hope so.

Liza - That's very sweet of you.

Red - thank you!

Leigh - I'm praying like mad for you all!

Belsteph - We are truly lucky to have such a great health care system now. I remember when I was a child we didn't call the doctor unless it was very serious, because we had to pay for every visit.


Dr. Ken said...

Happy birthday, Canada! Hermione will take the birthday spanking for you....