Sunday, July 9, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #184

Welcome back, dear friends, to our weekly gathering. This week I think it will be fun to use our imaginations.

You and your partner are walking along a deserted beach. There is no one else in sight, and you see a  park bench ahead. Would you dare to stop for a quick spanking? What if the two of you were walking through a dense forest with plenty of foliage to hide you, and a fallen tree to sit on or bend over. Would your answer be different?

Leave your response in the comment section below and once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish a summary of our discussion.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

Dense forest-she'd be otk in a heartbeat. Not likely on a beach, even deserted. I would never risk getting caught as she is easy to embarrass. (Side note: Our first otk, she ended up alarmed as she stopped for gas right after leaving a B2B house I rented, and caught herself pumping and rubbing her sore behind and then recalled "I'm in public". Like I said, easily embarrassed. She would never see anyone watching her at station again anyway.)

Sir Wendel Jones said...

We’ve given spankings in the forest before. We usually make sure it’s a less traveled area to avoid someone stumbling by. As for the beach it would depend how deserted and what clothing is worn. If the misses had a little sundress on then I would probably put her across my lap for a good bare bottom spanking.

kdpierre said...

The forest scenario has happened to me many times in previous relationships and i could see it happening again with Rosa. As for the beach? A lot would depend on the situation at the time. Even mood would play into it. So ya never know?

Anonymous said...

I've never thought about but why not? We've had sex on the beach.


Roz said...

We have proper beach fronts and other secluded areas which are rocky with lots of trees around the waterfront. We have certainly used them to good effect on occadion. Though a park bench, once or twice that I can recall.


Dr. Ken said...

Oh, absolutely. As I've stated before, I have no spanking partner at the moment, but I think she'd probably be agreeable. Granted, my attention would probably be divided being looking around to make sure the beach or forest were still deserted and paying attention to smacking her bottom. First sight or sound of someone else being present and it's over and back on our feet in a flash

Anonymous said...

Even if you think the beach is deserted, it may be hard to be sure. I've licked Irene's pussy a few times on the beach, even though she gets nervous - she loves t do it outdoors. We were caught once.

In the woods, I've been ordered to cut a switch, take down my pants and bend over. I've also been led by a leash secured through my zipper around my balls for some distance.


Fondles said...

Definitely yes to both. In fact we HAVE stopped by a bench on a stretch of beach for an OTK spanking. A dense forest would definitely be a yes for us too!

Anonymous said...

My wife would not think twice, I've been spanked where others can happen by and have. Part of the punishment as states with a smile as I dance around. The worse was down by the river, not far from her best friends place we were staying with. I was over her lap, must have been heard, her best friend soon was standing there and handed my wife a large hairbrush. I soon had kicked off my pants and underpants and had to walk back to house while both made comments. The spanking that I got once we got back home, well lets say, never spent so much time facing the wall, naked, crying. Peter

ronnie said...

Silly but I've always wanted to be spanked on a beach so if it was deserted I'd hope P would take the opportunity to spank me. I have been spanked in the woods now.


Anonymous said...


The key for us would have been a good look in all directions first; then a confirming, "You OK with this...?'

If it's a "Yes"....!!!!!!