Thursday, August 17, 2017

Finish this Sentence

The last time we played Finish this Sentence it was a great success, so let's play round two today.

Someone should invent...

Finish the sentence in the comments section below.  Your sentence can be related to spanking, but as you well know, anything goes! I will publish a list of your sentences on Saturday.
From Hermione's Heart


kdpierre said...

Someone should invent a pocket-sized "hypocrisy mirror", so that when confronted by a hypocrite, you can hold up the mirror so they can see their own true reflection.......kind of like Dorian Gray's portrait.

(Sorry, I normally like to be funny......but given this opportunity, this time I took it a little more seriously.)

Aimless Rambling said...

Gee, I wonder who kdpierre has in mind. I know who I think should have that mirror - actually I can think of a whole bunch. lol

Someone should invent a 'do over' button, or a mouth filter that screened your words before being blurted out, like mine.

Michael M said...

An "I like spanking " app which sends off a message to a phone nearby, that is also set to "I like spanking". Each phone buzzes quietly and away you go. Makes for an interesting start to a conversation and means you don't have to wonder or make the wrong move.

Enzo said...

Someone should invent...a long distance remote control spanking mobile app.
This way when a lady needs a spanking and is not near her significant other, she can follow his orders, place it in her back pocket and let the phone do its business at his command. (It would have to be a high powered jolt more so than the vibrate feature on most phones.)


Baxter said...

A spanking app, kind of an Uber for spanking. You go on and request a spanking and the app directs you to locations nearby where you can get spanked.

Belsteph said...

A computer controlled spanking machine. You indicate the location of the upturned bare bottom, select a severity and a duration, and it applies paddle blows with explosive stinging force.