Monday, August 7, 2017

Recap: Spanko Brunch 2.0 for August 6

If you could, which blogger(s) would you like to engage in spanking with?

Bogey: Tough for me to answer. The one I would pick, I only know her online persona. We are all different in RL.

Downunder Don: Hi Hermione, there are many I would to meet and TALK to, including you! thanks. I am definitely a one woman only spanker.

Amy: What a topic! Good one, Hermione. Eric and I have talked about this because I do want to meet other bloggers and would love it if we found a couple or two we could be friends with. He agrees but not until we are retired. Sigh. Seems I'm always waiting for something related to his job. Someday.... As for someone else spanking me? We've had that discussion too. There is a guy in Connecticut I've been watching for years. He's a serious hired hand and I'm holding onto some pre-Eric guilt that I'd love to get rid of. Eric doesn't think he could ever punish me enough to let it go - he'd be too afraid of hurting me and wants to be the man loving and being there for me afterwards. Another, maybe someday...

Hands63: I guess the obvious answer for me would be to receive a paddling/ spanking from just about all the women bloggers on these boards. But, in reality that's probably never going to happen. Honestly, unless we actually meet physically, we tend to form in our minds images of the people who run these blogs and sometimes I feel it better to go with those images rather than actually meeting. It's sort of like having sex with a really close long time friend. The friendship changes.
If that's makes any sense.

It does. 

Roz: Hi Hermione, there are many blog friends I would dearly love to be able to meet in person. As for spanking, I don't think so, that is purely for us.

Jack: Dana, by far and away. The picture of her, another woman, a naked man with red bottom, Dana holding a ruler, the best ever. I dream of getting a spanking from her a lot. I especially dream I was the naked male standing in the kitchen knowing that both women would soon have their turns of spanking me over their lap. Dana is by far the best ever.

Anon: Boy; that's really a hard question to answer.

What's a "blogger" in this case? I'm thinking someone like you who writes but does not provide services, vs. a pro/semi-pro who also happens to post on a blog.

In the former there are very few, so I'd go with Strict Julie.

Jan: Hi Hermione, I don't know if I really would want to be spanked by anyone else but my husband but I suppose if I was pushed it would be fun to be one of Dev's girls just once.... As to meeting other bloggers |I have just come from a meeting with four other bloggers and I enjoyed it so much. There are a couple O would dearly love to meet but they are on the other side of the world and it seems impossible to imagine.

KDPierre: I feel like I know Merry Contrary and Strict Julie well enough that I could appreciate a session with either of them. I don't feel I know any other dominant female bloggers well enough to want to try anything with them.

And since I AM capable of switching, given the right circumstances, I suppose it could be fun giving the charming hostess here who posed the question a nice bun-warming....provided she was willing. ;-)

Thank you for the compliment!

Sir Wendel: Doubtful I would spank anyone but my wife now. I would have to admit that right after reading the question I thought it might be fun to spank one particular blogger.

Hermione: Although in real life I have no desire to be spanked by anyone but my husband, it would be interesting to be spanked by Dr. Ken and Devlin O'Neill. Not at the same time, of course! They are both very toppy gentlemen and would probably give me very satisfactory spankings.

As always, we had quite a variety of responses. When I pose a question, I never know how it will be interpreted. Amy has suggested a topic for next week that I think you will all enjoy, and I hope to see you then.
From Hermione's Heart


ronnie said...

Hermione, Late for brunch.

Interesting question. I've meet some lovely bloggers recently and many more I would like to meet. As for being spanked by another blogger, I'm not sure I would but if I did, it would have to be by a female but who, I don't know.


Enzo said...

I'm late as well.
Interesting and fun question! I was surprised everyone was so loyal to their significant others even in fantasy. LOL.

I would have to say that if nothing more, I would love to at least witness the female bloggers I follow taking a spanking.