Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Reader Participation Again

It's time for the final part of A.J.'s true story, as told to him by his friend David. If you need to refresh your memory, read part 1 and part 2 before continuing. Now over to you, A.J.

Here's where we left off:
In one minute, after 120 smacks, Molly pauses.  David's bottom is very pink and he can feel a little heat back there but it's not bad. So far.  Molly looks at David's now-red butt, then looks to her female guests asks, "Whaddya think?  Done?"

David, still otk, with his bare and red-bottom still on display, has heard all the comments during Molly's pause. And is probably smiling at them.

Then he hears Molly announce:  "Well, it looks pretty good.  But, let's give him just a little bit more and really drive the point home."


Then Molly asks Susie to open the drawer in the side table next to her and, "Hand me one of those...any one of them will do."

Susie opens the drawer and pulls out a hairbrush.  She hands it to Molly.

Molly takes it and with the same brisk determination as in her hand spanking, goes to work on David's bare bottom.  Like her hand spanking it is not particularly hard; she is not hitting full force by any means, but it is a hairbrush and those damn things hurt no matter who you are!  David really feels it.  With each smack of that brush he yelps or gasps, his teeth are gritted together, his legs come off the floor, and he's "buckin' n' rearin'" (love that expression) on Molly's lap.  He wants to yell but he can't let the women think him a wuss.  He's hanging on.  Barely.  Praying it will be over soon.

But the girls have places to go and things to do, so David's prayers are answered and it quickly ends.  The last part of his spanking with that damn hairbrush is all over in 15 seconds, or about 30 smacks with the back of the brush.  Molly then says to David,  "OK!  You're done!  Get up."

With that David slides off her lap and, kneeling in front of Molly, begins furiously rubbing his sore, bright red bottom.  He looks at Molly and says, "Whooooo!  That was something!"  and smiles.  He smiles!  And Molly, still seated and looking at David, smiles right back at him; "Glad to do it!"  They're both smiling!  The girls see that.  It's all good.

Molly gets up, puts the spanking chair back and sees to her guests as they get ready to leave.  She says to them that she hopes they have a great night out and, if David is any problem, well, "just let me know for the next time I see him" (and you know what she means by that!)

Meanwhile, David has gotten to his feet and now has his clothing back in order. This takes only seconds. David hugs Molly good-bye and escorts the girls out the door.

From the time they arrived in Molly's apartment to the time they departed, about 15 minutes have elapsed. It was that quick.

And here is where David let me down in telling his story. He ended it with his walking out the door, smiling, arm-in-arm with the girls.  Full stop. Nothing more.  Oh, crap! David never revealed what the girls said to him after.

They walk down the hall, with the girl's eyes probably glimmering in excitement and faces just full of smiles, barely holding back laughter (I hope). They all get in the elevator; there is no one else is in that elevator, just the four of them. They have him all to themselves.  What did they say to David?

In my imagination they are all kind, teasing, and solicitous to him; "Does it hurt?"  "You poor boy."  "Will you need a pillow at the next club or are you just going to stand?" Maybe a friendly little rub/pat on the poor lad's bottom?  Maybe "You paid her how much to do that?  Hell, I'd do it for half that." (That, of course, would be Mary, the future Mrs. A.J.)

And what happened later at the nightclub, where there might be a more one-on-one conversation between David and one of the girls?  What do they talk about then?

So here are your questions:
1.    What would you, Susie, and Mary say to David in that elevator?
2.    What, if later alone with David, one-on-one, do you, Susie, or Mary say to or ask David?
3.    Ever think what it would be like for you to be David?  Or Molly?

Have fun with your answers.

From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

This was a great and interesting story. Thank you Hermione and AJ :)


Hermione said...

I imagine that the elevator ride would be very awkward, and all four would be silent. Or maybe David would talk excitedly about the night out ahead ofthem all.

Perhaps after a couple of drinks one of the girls might bring up the subject with David, or maybe he would do so.

I might think itr would be fun to be Molly for a day, just as an experiment.


ronnie said...

I don't think the girls would bring up the subject of what they just saw.

When they were alone together I think Susie would ask David what it was liked being spanked and wished Molly was there so she could ask her what it was like spanking someone.


Anonymous said...

This from the Male perspective based upon two real life incidents that happened to me.

The first was a spanking I received from my Mother when I was 19. My girlfriend at the time was there and heard the spanking which was given privately in my Mothers bedroom. When she brought me out my eyes were still watering and my Mother sent us right out the door with the words "Guess you still understand your mouth will write checks that will be cashed." My girlfriend was full of questions on the drive home and yes there was lots of teasing for days after.

The second occurred when I got a spanking from my Aunt who actually was only a few years older than me when I was in my 20's in front of her best friend for being hours late for celebration dinner. And again there were lots of questions and teasing after.

I think it is only natural that if someone watched something like that that they would be full of questions they would want answered. Particularly if the person being spanked had set it up and seemed to be something that was enjoyed.

Anonymous said...

First, let me say that I don't know "David"; he's not a friend. I only know him though the comment he posted years ago that left me hanging and asking those questions. While I don't know him - I sure as heck know personalities just like him!!

I can't imagine where there were little or no comments in that elevator. All four of them know each other so there should have been no shyness there.

'Anonymous', unlike you when you were 19, this was not a punishment spanking. Molly winked and smiled at the girls during the hand spanking; and when it was all done - David and Molly smiled at each other and laughed. There were laughs and hugs and smiles from the time David went OTK to the elevator.

There were four women in my life I thought of as my candidates to see David 'get it'.

One would not like it one bit. Later, much later, should would have thought it an 'experience', but not want to see it again.
The second, "Susie", would have been mixed between surprise (not shock) and laughs - and remind David at appropriate times for the rest of his life.
"Mary" would have been the "You-go-girl" cheerleader toward Molly, and still get a laugh over it from that moment to today.
The forth person I considered would have been like "Susie", surprise then laughs, and seeing David a willing participant, during the pause would have asked permission and then delivered a couple of firm swats to David tush as he remained OTK. And, I think like Mary, offer to whack him in the future.

I'll never know.