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From the Top Shelf - The Schoolmaster's Wife, part 3

This is the third and final installment of our short story by R.T. Mason, published in Janus. In part 1 we met Priscilla Browne, whose husband had taken a teaching post in a very unusual boys' school. In part 2 Priscilla learned the hard way that the headmaster ruled the masters' wives with an iron hand and rattan rod. How will Priscilla manage to help her husband maintain order in Delany House and thus keep his job? We shall see.

Priscilla saw Derek again later in the morning when he had a free period. Looking tense, Derek said the same thing as the Head. "Look, we've got to get things sorted out."

She looked at him bleakly. For the moment at least she couldn't bring herself to tell him that her bare bottom had just been caned by the Head. It was just too humiliating. "So you want me to agree to the boys demands then?" she asked.

"Pris, we've got to get the senior boys' co-operation. Otherwise - well I could lose this job. And, I suppose they only want to have a bit of fun, really."

She replied angrily. "What they want, Derek, is for me to let them spank my bottom. My bare bottom! You want me to agree to that, do you?"

Derek flushed guiltily. "No, I don't actually want it to happen but...well...if they won't agree to anything else. And if they don't go any further...ask you for...you know...that. I suppose they just see it as a bit of fun thing."

"Well it's not my idea of a fun thing," Priscilla replied unhappily, "letting five 18 year old boys get their hands on my bare bottom."

"Well you better talk to them anyway. Talk to that Robert Maidment."

* * *

Priscilla saw Robert Maidment at lunch time. Controlling a tremor in her voice she said they'd better have a chat. Derek was conveniently out at a staff meeting and took the Head Boy into her sitting room. "That...er...situation yesterday was quite awful," she said quietly.

Robert Maidment nodded in agreement and said he was sorry.

"No you're not. And I suppose the same thing will happen tonight if...if I don't...."

He shrugged his shoulders. "We'd like to co-operate, Mrs. Browne, but you have to co-operate too. It's Kingswood tradition you see."

"It can't be tradition," she cried, "not that you force your Housemaster's wife to...to..."

"Oh, not force, Mrs. Browne! The tradition here is to persuade. We''d much rather you did it of your own free will. But every wife co-operates, just ask the others. Mrs. Mather, she was the Housemaster's wife here before you, miss, she was quite happy to let us...eventually. She used to take her knickers down every day for us. She wasn't half as pretty as you though."

Red-faced, Priscilla asked, "What...what exactly are you asking for?"

He replied, his voice calm and even, "We want you to take all your clothes off in front of us. Give us a good look at you naked. And then we'll want to spank you. That's all."

Priscilla's voice sounded to her as if it was coming from another body as she asked, shakily, "How...how often will all this happen?"

"Twice a week, I'd say," he calmly replied.

Priscilla gulped. His words hung in the air, and she could feel pin-pricks of perspiration beading her skin as she suddenly had an all too vivid picture of it - a picture she tried in vain to erase. Her thoughts twisted and turned - so, without her being aware of it, did her hands - but she could see no way out of it. She glanced at Robert Maidment, still calmly surveying her, then she quickly looked down at the carpet.

"Look..." she began desperately.

She did the best she could. She got him to agree that it didn't have to be all of them at once. That would have been quite unbearable; five boys and her...whereas at least one at a time allowed some delusion of equality, even if she did have to shamefully submit to it. It would be each of the five boys once every two weeks. And she would either take all her clothes off OR she would get across the boy's knee, then let him take her knickers down and smack her bottom. The boy could choose one but not both.

That was agreed, which was awful enough - then Robert Maidment, sharp-eyed as ever, said, "To show good faith though, we all want a try-out now. So that we know you're not having us on, Miss."

Priscilla gulped; felt the pin pricks of perspiration again. While Robert Maidment stated his further conditions. Then she began to feel really shaky.

"Can you please go out after tea?" Priscilla asked Derek quietly, an hour later. When he looked blank she added, somewhat hysterically, "Out! Out of the House! Out of the School! Anywhere! Or do you want to stay around and watch how your dear wife keeps the senior boys happy in this awful place?"

Derek flushed and bit his lip. "I-I'll go into town...maybe see a film," he said lamely.

Only a couple of minutes after he left there was a knock at the door. Robert Maidment. With the feeling that she was in some kind of nightmare, Priscilla let him in, then closed the door and locked it. As she did so the boy's arms came around her waist.

She started to push him away but he said 'Hey, that's not a very good start, is it!" and then she stopped fighting. He pulled her up close against him. His face was red and she could feel his stiff erection. His hands cupped her bottom.

He said smoothly, "Now that's much better, Miss." And then his hands began pulling up the skirt of her dress and her slip. Pulling them right up to her waist, then his hands were at the waistband of her knickers, yanking them down roughly. His hands on her now bare bottom, squeezing and groping.

Priscilla weakly pushed him away and said, softly, "Come on then...if you're going to do it..."

And then she was over his lap as he sat on her sofa. Her head down near the carpet and her bottom up over his lap. Her naked bottom. And his hand starting to smack crisply down on those bare buttocks. Jolting sharply into the full firm bare cheeks in a briskly rhythmic tempo.

He was smacking her hard and it stung like hell but worse than any pain was the thought that such a humiliating thing could be happening to her. That she, newly married Mrs. Priscilla Browne, had an 18-year-old boy spanking her bare bottom. Her eyes were rapidly filling with tears, not so much of pain as of mortification.

At last Maidment stopped and let her get up. Tight-lipped, fighting her tears, Priscilla pulled up her knickers and adjusted her dress. Her bottom really stung. Robert Maidment smiled a wolfish smile. "There now. That wasn't so bad, was it, Miss? You might get to like it soon."

Priscilla said nothing. Then he told her he'd like some coffee and, obediently, she went to make some. With any luck he would drink it and go and her ordeal - for the moment at least - would be over.

But, eyes bright over his coffee cup, Robert Maidment said, "And now I want to see everything you've got, Mrs. Browne."

She stared at him, open-mouthed with horror. He said, evenly, "That was part of our bargain, wasn't it?"

No, it damn well hadn't been part of their bargain! But what was the point of arguing? As he said, pointedly, "We all want a nice quiet night in Delany House tonight, don't we Mrs Browne? I'm sure your husband does!"

Trying not to look at him, trying not to think of her shame, trying not to cry, Priscilla made herself comply. Standing in front of him she took off the pink dress. And then her slip. Then, cringingly, her bra. Her full, firm breasts pointing at him. Her large nipples, she realised with deep shame, were, for some reason, erect.

"Well those are something special, Miss," he exclaimed, grinning. "And now, very slowly, the knickers off please. You can keep your nylons and suspender belt on but please spread your legs...."

She was beyond shame now and her shapely bottom, when he eventually made her turn around, shone scarlet in comparison to the rest of her pale trembling flesh.

* * *

When Derek got back at 11pm, Delany's like all the other Houses, was as quiet as a mouse. Priscilla, he found, had already gone to bed. She was lying in the dark staring up at the ceiling.

"Well, it's quiet at least." said Derek hesitantly, turning on the bedside lamp.

Priscilla said nothing.

He looked at her, then looked away in embarrassment. He didn't ask what had happened. Whatever it was it couldn't have been too bad, he convinced himself.

"Yes," he said finally. "I think things are going to work out all right here. I mean once we accept that boys will be boys."

Priscilla remained silent.

She was thinking of Robert Maidment, of course. And of the two other senior prefects who were due to come round, one at a time, and attend to her tomorrow. And the following day the other two. Perhaps I'll get used to it, she thought. Maybe I'll start to like it, like he said. After all it was true that boys will be boys. She tried to think that maybe she was helping them. After all they must get so frustrated in an all male world.

Derek repeated. "Yes, dear, I think things will be all right. Its just a question of getting to know them well, don't you think?"
Will Priscilla eventually enjoy the boys' attention? If you are a man reading this, do you wish you had gone to this school?
From Hermione's Heart


Eric51Amy49 said...

Are you kidding me?! Derek?!! Put your big boy pants on and protect your wife! "Boys will be boys." Ha! Be a man, Derek. Teach those boys a thing or two.
Amy... looking forward to Part 4

Katie said...

UGH! I SO wanted Priscilla to stand up to her husband, or take off on him, or something. Poor girl!

Not my fav story, Hermione, but you warned us! LOL! Many hugs,

<3 Katie

Roz said...

I'm with Amy, Derek should stand up, but then again, that wouldn't make for a good story lol. Interesting story Hermione, thank you for sharing.


opsimath said...

This was never the most comfortable of reads, but it perfectly showcases the author's talent.

Poor Priscilla never had much of a chance, did she? And Derek needs to be more assertive. nonetheless, a classic of its day, and thank you for finding it and posting it for us.

ronnie said...

Hermione, Somehow I thought Priscilla might have got the upper hand on the boys but obviously I was wrong. Thanks for sharing.


Hermione said...

Amy - That's all there is, there ain't no more.

Katie - I too was surprised at Priscilla's actions.

Roz - I agree too, but as you say, it makes the story.

opsimath - He is a talented writer. I'll see if I have any others of his to share.

Ronnie - I wish she had too, but who knows. She may start to enjoy it and Derek will be jealous.