Saturday, August 26, 2017

You Completed the Caption

KDPierre: Little did Fanny, the bicycle-riding nanny, know that the poem she was writing would one day be rediscovered and set to music.

"Are you gonna take me home tonight, Oh down beside that red firelight?
Are you gonna let it all hang out? Fat bottomed girls, You make the rockin' world go round"

Baxter: Ok so the rules are if the boss catches me goofing off, he will spank me. Well I hope he catches me soon as my legs are getting tired in this position.

Anon: Not only was Miss Danvers' approach to her job much much too casual for the management of the staid firm for which she worked, but her habit of putting her feet up and displaying not only her ankles but the curves of her calves was distracting the male employees to the point that they were unable to complete their work on time. Her boss, Mr. Chester, was finally told by the company president that enough was enough, and that he'd better take her in hand if he hoped to keep his job.

After some thought, Mr. Chester decided that rather then fire the woman, the best course of action would be to call Miss Danvers into his office and put the disruptive young lady across his lap for some overdue discipline.

When Miss Danvers complained about having her skirt raised, Mr. Chester quipped, "Since you have no qualms about teasing me and your coworkers by improperly exposing your legs, I see no reason not to give me a full showing of your wares. And if you don't stop all this squirming and fighting, I'll take you out into the office and give everyone an eyeful of more than the seat of your knickers being paddled!"

Once Mr. Chester was done applying the ruler to Miss Danvers' upturned bottom, he sat the young woman down at her desk, taking care to make sure she was properly situated with her feet on the floor and her sore bottom planted in the chair, and ordered her and the rest of his employees to get back to work or their pay would be docked. He then explained to the recalcitrant young lady as she wriggled uncomfortably in her seat, that future antics would result in a public spanking on her bare bottom followed by her dismissal from her job.

Miss Danvers told Mr. Chester she understood and would do her best, but wondered if he would be open to giving her some private disciplinary sessions if she felt herself in need of an attitude adjustment. Mr. Chester was delighted by the proposal, and with his firm-handed guidance Miss Danvers became an exemplary employee, eventually married Mr. Chester, quit her job, and went on to live a very full life as a well spanked wife and mother.

js666: Because the boss always spanked on the lowest part of her bottom, Maisie found that she could put her weight on the upper part and thereby manage to sit through her shift.

Sweetspot: Dear Stupid Typewriter Company: There's a reason why I'm writing this letter with a pen instead of using your lame typewriter....

Dear Diary - Today I invented what I'm calling the stationary bicycle...

Dear Joan - So the boss comes up to me all huffy like and says, "Young lady, I'll teach you to waste company time!" And I reply, "No need Mr. Hopple I already figured that out on my own."

Dear Hermione - I've done everything I know to do to get Mr. Lovejoy to spank me. I keep my feet on the desk, I rode my bike right into the office! I've tried teasing him and wasting company time on idle gossip - I've even smoked a cigarette or two - but no luck. Any ideas?

Sir Wendel: A good paddling will teach her not to put her feet on the desk.

Hermione: Since Mr. Smithers hadn't taken his bicycle, she knew he would be a very long time walking back from head office, so she had plenty of time for tweeting.

Thank you all for your clever captions. They gave me a real lift! See you all at brunch, coming up next.
From Hermione's Heart

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