Sunday, August 20, 2017

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #190

Welcome back to another spanko brunch. Last weekend I had an interesting experience that became the inspiration for this week's topic. We all know that spankings are usually noisy, and that much of the sound comes from the spankee's mouth. "Ow! Ouch! Stop! Don't stop!" are just a few of the noises that are familiar to all of us.

How important to you is vocalization during a spanking? If you had to refrain from vocalizing, could you do it unaided? Would you need some physical help—a handkerchief or towel, for example? If you have had this experience, how did it feel?

As always, please tell me your thoughts in the comment section below.  I will publish a summary of our discussion on Monday.
From Hermione's Heart


Anonymous said...

When she is over my knee I think it's important to hea ar her and listen for the clues as to whether I'm spanking her properly. An, "Umm", "Yes...." a "More...faster", tells me something; "OW!" tells me something completely different.

When the roles are reversed, I don't think I'd be the only male to not be so vocal, because, well...the penis! Ownership of one implies you gotta' take a bit more. To a point. Life's a bitch, sometimes.
That said, with one exception, no woman who has ever had me OTK took me that far.

A "handkerchief or towel"? Never used or need one, so I have no experience to relate.


PS: As I have said before, I only play with spanking for the sheer sexiness of it. "Punishment" is not my thing. Bright-pink bottoms that lead to other "entertainments", well - YEAH!

Simon said...

My Mistress prefers me to take my punishment quietly so unless I'm told to count the strokes I normally suffer in silence although the occasional stroke in the wrong place (too high or too low) may result in a grunt. I don't punish ladies that often and the ladies I do punish are all quite stoical so make very little noise, I sometimes wonder what it would be like to punish a vocal lady, after all in videos the young ladies tend to make a lot of noise. I've been lucky enough to punish a lady who makes videos and who is very vocal in them but despite my best efforts I couldn't get a peep out of her. When we talked afterwards she explained that over reaction is expected in most films but that it seemed a bit like cheating in real life.

Roz said...

Rick prefers vocal reactions as a gage so I can't recall having to be quiet. I tend to grunt more than anything, but there have been the odd occasions we were worried the neighbours might bang down the door lol.


Eric51Amy49 said...

Always worried about kids and neighbors, I'm usually silent in the closet or over his knee in our room. However, his tell tale sign is when I put my hand back. That's how he knows he's got me.

an English Rose said...

Hi Hermione, I couldn't keep quiet if I tried.
love Jan, xx

Fondles said...

i could probably stay quiet-ish, except for maybe intakes of breath (or loud exhalations...) but i suspect the sounds i make gives BIKSS an idea of how much pain I'm experiencing, and he can adjust his swats accordingly if he chooses to.

Anonymous said...

We have been lucky in that we have always lived where our house is some distance from our neighbors so no fear of them hearing. Robyn loves to hear the ouches and ows when spanking me as she then knows she is doing a good job and when the feet start kicking she knows I'm paying attention. Never used gags as she loves the sounds I make.

Anonymous said...

Being heard, my wife states as her hands or hairbrush lands on my bottom I should have not done what I did to get a spanking. Trust me with what ever she uses to redden and warm my bare bottom I cannot help but be heard. Jack

willie said...

If we are at home- which is 99% of the time, I am pretty much silent. Silent that is if you don't count hissing. When we have gone away, I can be as loud as I like. I have to say it does make it much easier to let go when I don't have to concentrate on keeping quiet.

Anonymous said...

Because our kids spend friday nites at my parents home, it is on friday nite that
I am punished. It never stops until she sees tears and hears begging for it to


Katie said...

Hi Hermione, :)

I'm not that loud during a spanking. Probably because we used to have more kids home, and had to be quiet. I definitely come out with some "OWWWW HONEY" vocals, etc. Depends on the spanking, and whether our daughter is home re: the decibels in response to the attention to my bottom. Many hugs,

<3 Katie

KB said...

I'm pretty quiet but if I was told I had to be quiet I do t think I could!

Anonymous said...

I'm usually silent because we have kids (all adults now though) and I don't want to frighten her but have been getting a bit more vocal, to a limit, lately.
I've had to as due to our circumstances we've had to keep the spankings shirt and sweet so I told her to make them harder which means white knuckles grabbing the bed sheets and just a little water in the eyes.


ronnie said...

Hard to keep quiet. If I'm told to be quiet I have to stuff my mouth with some of the duvet.