Tuesday, February 27, 2018

From the Top Shelf - Gloria Denham, part 2

Last week we met Todd, the tennis pro at an exclusive club. His eye for the ladies has landed him in trouble with his boss, but he just couldn't resist the lovely Gloria Denham. Alas, he found himself over her knee instead of in her bed. After his butt had been thoroughly reddened, Todd heard a visitor enter the suite; it was someone he recognized.
That voice. That voice. He knew that voice.

“Take off his blindfold.”

When Todd shook his head and blinked his eyes, clearing the blurriness brought on by the tears, he turned and looked. And his knees sagged. It was HER. Valerie Navarro, Rockwell’s Vice President of Human Resources. She stood there in a business suit, her head cocked to one side, looking him up and down. Almost tiny next to Gloria Denham, she nevertheless still exuded authority.

“Well, Todd, here we are,” she said. “We baited the lure and you took it – hook, line and sinker. I told you next time there would be consequences. This is a consequence. And we’re not done yet. Oh, no. I’m going to add my two cents worth, and we’ll see how much your job is worth to you.”

While she was talking, Gloria went into an adjacent room. When she came back she was flexing a long slender wand. It was yellow and very thin, so flexible she could bend it almost in a circle. “This is an English school cane,” said Valerie Navarro. “They don’t use these so much anymore, but back in the day this was the terror of many an English schoolboy.”

She took it from Gloria and whipped it back and forth. It made a sick whine. Todd’s buttocks tightened. She didn’t mean to…to whip him with that? He couldn’t take it. Not on top of the spankings.

“The usual measure was six – what they called ‘six of the best’.” She let that sink in. Todd gulped. “But that was for schoolboys. I think for an adult like you, Todd, maybe ten is about right. What do you think? Would you be willing to take ten sizzling licks with this on that shiny red butt of yours to keep your job?”

So that was it. He had to take ten strokes with that whippy cane to stay a tennis pro at El Camino.

“Up to you, Todd.” She added, “I don’t have all day.”

Todd had to think. Sweat beaded up on his forehead as he watched Valerie Navarro whip the cane around with her wrist. It made a sick whining sound.

“See Todd, I’m not as big or as strong as Gloria, so I had her sort of ‘prepare the terrain’ for me so to speak. Just so you’ll get the full benefit of every stroke. She says it’s all in the wrist. We’ll see.” She lowered the cane and tapped it against her leg in a gesture of impatience. “Do you want to come to work tomorrow or not?”

Todd was sweating and felt sick to his stomach from the cold knot of fear in his gut. This was the cushiest job he’d ever had. Beat the hell out of car sales or telemarketing. Both were hell and he did not want to go back. “Yes,” said Todd. But his knees shook.

Valerie Navarro nodded. “All right.” She tapped the back of the couch with the cane. “Over you go. Let’s get that hiney up in the air so I can have a go at it.” She swished the cane through the air, testing its feel.

Todd whimpered but bent over. He gripped the couch cushions with his hands.

“Gloria, would you please kneel over Todd and hold him down? I don’t want him thrashing around.”

“I’d be happy to, Valerie. We can’t have our boy wiggling away.” She knelt on the couch, her thighs almost straddling his neck while she pushed down on his shoulders. He was completely immobile. Gloria was a big strong woman and Todd could move hardly an inch.

“Now,” she said. “It will be ten strokes, Todd. You will count each one for me. If you hold still and take all ten, you can keep your job. You can say ‘stop’ any time and I’ll stop. But, then you walk out of here and don’t come back. Understand?”

Todd understood. He managed a muffled "yes".

“Here we go,” she said. She set up to the side and measured the distance so that the tip of the cane barely extended past his right bottom cheek. Todd flinched as he felt the thin wood touch him. “It’s better if you don’t tense up,” she said.

He heard a whine and felt the impact before he heard the cane crack against his bare seat. Nothing could have prepared him, though, for the atrocious wave of pain that followed. It spread through him like a firebomb in a tunnel, obliterating all other senses. Nothing had ever hurt so badly.

“Yahhh!” he yelled. What? Nine more like that? He couldn’t take it, just couldn’t.
But he managed to croak, “One.”

Each stroke was fiery hell, more pain than he’d ever experienced. The sequence went like this: first there was the wait; then he’d feel a tap-tap-tap of the stick as she lined it up; then nothing but a breeze, so he knew it was on the way – he sensed a brief disturbance in the air – he heard that sickening whine; then a white hot explosion of fiery hell. A thin line of liquid fire that made him grit his teeth and tense every muscle. He wanted to scream. As the agony washed over him, he waggled and bucked as if that would help, but it didn’t. Valerie Navarro calmly waited for him to stop twitching and settle down before she lined up and delivered another stroke. One by one he counted them off, his knuckles white as he gripped the sofa cushions. Along with the count he screeched like scalded cat, so loud in fact that Gloria expressed concern.

Valerie chuckled. “No one can hear him up here. He can cry all he wants.” Valerie took her time, spacing the strokes out. Each one was an event all by itself. When Todd had finally counted ten, she told Gloria to release him.

Todd stood up on unsteady legs. His ass was ablaze with fiery misery. Tears poured out of his eyes. He coughed, fluid choking his airway.

“Well, Todd, have we learned a little lesson here today?” said Valerie.

“Yes,” Todd managed to choke out.

“Good. I’ll leave you in Gloria’s capable hands. I trust there will not be another time.”

Todd shook his head. “No ma’am.”

She tossed the cane into a chair and departed, closing the door behind her.

Gloria unlocked the cuffs. Todd’s hands went immediately to his swollen and red streaked buttocks. Gloria watched with an amused smile as Todd tried to rub the sting out.  He pouted, his face a study in wounded pride. “You tricked me,” he said. “You were working for them all along.”

Gloria shrugged. “No trick. All I did was sit at a bar and you came on to me. You did it to yourself.” She beckoned with her finger. “Come into the bedroom. I have something for your butt. It’s really red.”

Todd didn’t know why he even listened, but his ass still felt like a hot stove. When he entered the bedroom he saw her pick up a jar and unscrew the cap.

“This is a pain reliever. I knew you’d need it. Lie down on the bed and I’ll put some on.” Her tone had shifted again. Now she seemed pleasant. The commanding bossy persona was gone.

He lay face down. She knelt on the bed beside him and spread some sort of gooey cream all over his ass. She was right. It did feel good. It was cool and soothing. After a few minutes of rubbing it in he felt much better. She got up. Todd turned his head to see what she was doing. He was of a mind to get the hell out of there, and soon. To his amazement she was undressing. The tight skirt came off, then the blouse. Just like that she was down to bra and panties and a sexy garter belt. Todd felt his cock begin to awaken.

“What are you doing?” he said.

“You’re mine for the day, remember? I told you I have exotic tastes. Spanking your tight little fanny turned me on. And that caning – mmmm, ummm – delicious watching you get a good one.” She slipped her panties down to reveal a furry thatch. She reached behind her and the bra came off allowing her gorgeous breasts to swing free.

“Roll over,” she said.

He did. His eyes tracked her appreciative gaze as she took in his erection that was swelling nicely.

“Wait a minute. I don’t want any more trouble. I learned my lesson, ok? I’m getting out of here.” He came up on his elbows.

She landed on the bed and pushed him back down. “You’re not going anywhere,” she said. Before he could even sit up, she straddled him and lowered herself onto his prick, which in spite of his intentions, now pointed straight up. He closed his eyes as the familiar surge of pleasure from the friction of sliding into a wet vagina took over.

“Oh, yeah,” she said, impaling herself to the hilt, squeezing her breasts and pinching her own nipples. “Sooo good.”

“Ahh,” Todd managed to croak. It did feel good.  “But the rules…Ms Navarro.”

She stopped for a minute and leaned down, right into his face. “I make the rules, Todd. My name’s not Denham; it’s Rockwell. I’ve run Rockwell resorts since my husband died. Now stop blubbering and start fucking me properly. I have a long afternoon set aside and I’m going to ride you like the Pony Express – ‘til you drop.”
Thank you, Rollin, for an excellent tale.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

What a wonderful and hot story Hermione. F/m isn't usually my thing but I enjoyed this. Thank you, Rollin was a master.


opsimath said...

Another classic chapter from the much-missed master of spanking fiction. Thank you, Hermione.

ronnie said...

Rollin certainly new how to write a good story. Thank you, Hermione.


Bernie said...

Great story. Thanks for showing it. Please think about doing similar ones every once in a while.

Hermione said...

Roz - I also enjoy a good, hot story, no matter who is doing the spanking.

opsimath - You are very welcome.

Ronnie - He sure did.

Bernie - That's a fine suggestion. I will post more of Rollin's work in the coming weeks.