Saturday, February 24, 2018

You Completed the Caption

Yorkie: Day time. NIGHT TIME! Day time. NIGHT TIME!

Amy: "Oh Darling, It's been a bit of a gray day. Why not redden my ass and put some color back in our lives?"

Katie: When he told her that she could have a good girl spanking for every single thing that she could match up with the girl in the print, she went right for the challenge!

Leigh: She wanted to see red.

Anon 1:
Woman: Look, honey, I look just like the girl in the cartoon.
Man: Well, not quite. You’re missing just one thing.
Woman: What’s that?
Man: The sore, red bottom she’s reaching back to rub.
Woman: But you don’t know for sure that she’s just been spanked.
Man: No, but I know for sure that you’re about to be!

Anon 2: Remember how you said that if I ever dressed like that pinup model in the cartoon you'd spank me? Well ...?

Anon 3: I thought that if I looked and acted like a naughty '50s wife you might put me over your knee and spank me the way this naughty wife's husband would have done.

Dr. Ken: She: "See? Right there? When you hugged me, the car keys in your pocket actually caused a bruise. I even made a drawing of it to illustrate it. See? See the comparison? It's there. Right there! It's....why are you picking up that hairbrush?"

Sir Wendel: I hope this new look animates me a spanking.

Ronnie: I wonder if he'd spank me if I dressed like either of these pin-ups girls.

Baxter: Stop watching the Olympics and give me a spanking and then we will have our own Olympics afterwords

Anon 4:
Wife: How do you like my outfit? Do you think I look like the woman in the cartoon Phil sent out with the party invitation? I feel so … so deliciously mischievous dressed like this. I hope Phil doesn’t think i’m going to pose like this at the party with my dress flipped up and my garters, stockings and these skimpy little panties you bought me on full display.
Husband (taking his wife in his arms and giving her several loving pats on her bottom): First of all, you look great … very much like a naughty little ’50s wife. And secondly, no, neither you, nor any of the other ladies, will be made to pose like “that” at the party. Now there are a few husband/wife activities that will require us to assume certain positions in order to get the most out of them, but believe me, the only person who’s going to be flipping up your dress to expose your garters, stockings and frilly little panties, is me.
Wife: I’m so glad you guys decided to throw this Old Fashion ’50s party. Here us gals thought you might be upset with us after we pulled that little prank to win our bet, but you guys have been such good sports. And I think this party is such a great way to put all that behind us and have some good, old fashion fun.
Husband (fondling her bottom): Oh, yes, “behind” is definitely what we’re aiming for, and I do hope the old fashion activities we have planned will make a good and lasting impression on you ladies.
Wife: Is there going to be dancing?
Husband (patting her bottom): I think it’s safe to say that I’m going to make sure you kick up your heels and do quite a bit of dancing. As a matter of fact, once we get started, I seriously doubt you’ll want to sit down.
Wife: Oh, I can’t wait to see how all the other wives are dressed and get started on the fun.
Husband (Pushing her away and reaching for the dresser): Well, in that case, we need to go or we’ll be late. Here, don’t forget to take your hairbrush.
Wife: You think I’ll need it? Are the activities going to be that spirited that my hair will get messy?
Husband: Well, I can tell you this, without a doubt, we old fashion husbands intend to engage very vigorously in these endeavors, and I’m certain that once we get you naughty little wives into the right frame of mind, you’ll find that lively participation on your end is pretty much unavoidable. So, yes, I think that hairbrush is going to come in extremely handy before the night is over.

Bogey: The model and the finished Elvgren work

Hermione: Can you airbrush by bottom so it isn't so big? Yes! That's perfect!
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