Saturday, February 3, 2018

You Completed the Caption

Baxter: My maid is away today so she cannot help me out of this get up. I was so looking forward to my weekly spanking from her and the delicious love making. Alas, alack. Oh I hope she hurries home soon as my bottom needs attention and only she knows how to do it. sigh!

Rosco: In a gentler time, a lady’s voluminous petticoats provided ample cushion after any spankings so it was difficult for a visitor to tell if her bottom was hot and bothered by any discipline that may have been warranted. A keen observer might know, however, after looking her directly in the eye.

Ronnie: I hate this new fashion of having bustles at the back of the dress. They are most inconvenient, especially when Henry wants to spank me.

Leigh: "He'll never be able to spank me with this bustle."

Anon 1: Thank goodness for this bustle. The cushioning is certainly going to make a lot easier to sit on those hard chairs with such a sore bottom.

Well, he's certainly going to have to work long and hard to get past all this clothing if he intends to spank my bare bottom. Of course, the longer and harder he has to work to find my bottom, the longer and harder he's liable to spank me once he does. No wouldn't that be delicious?

I hope that when he removes my bustle and finds the paddle I've stashed in it that he'll finally get the hint and give me the proper walloping I deserve!

Anon 2: Does this dress make my butt look big?

Lady X: If the ladies at tea ever lifted my bustle they would see my bare, very bruised and caned bottom.

KDPierre: It was not the concept behind toilet paper that eluded Mildred but rather the logistics of using it while dressed like a giant wedding cake.

Fred: I volunteer to crawl underneath to see if any underthings need rearranging or if any body parts need kissing or licking.

Anon 3: I do hope he's not disappointed when he finds out I'm not wearing a bustle, and that underneath this dress I'm just a Phat Ass White Girl who's longing for a gentleman to take a large paddle to her big, beautiful bare bottom and give it the attention it desperately needs.

Sir Wendel: The young lady prepares several layers of ultra soft Charmin to cushion her well caned bottom.

Hermione: Thank goodness this dress will hide how swollen my bottom is after all those spankings today. Now I must smile and pretend it isn't throbbing--my bottom, not my dress.
From Hermione's Heart

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