Saturday, February 17, 2018

You Completed the Caption

Sir Wendel: “Free Spanks” - howled the dog.

Baxter: Oh woe is me, I forgot a bucket for the water and the handle won't go down. My little tender bottom is going to be spanked for this. Oh woe is me.

KDPierre: Never having actually witnessed this scene, the Johnson's were at a loss to explain why there was a localized splintering of their water pump platform...with fur bits radiating out from it in all directions.

Dave: Wait...Did Master want to see me "hump" or "pump"? Maybe this will do both!

Katie: After watching the Olympics, Hilda was determined to begin some daily exercise. She thought it a good idea to incorporate the water pump, and imagined it a high hurdle. Little did she know that her first attempt would land her in this situation. Unable to stop pumping, due to the loud protests of her enthusiastic puppy, she feared that her Sir would be alerted to the barking, and spank her for this ridiculous, and dangerous sport-like activity!

Anon 1: Hilda: I yelled that I needed you to RUSH. I never said anything about needing you to bring a BRUSH.

Anon 2: He warned me this would happen. But did I listen? No. I was a real brat. I stuck my tongue out and told him I could damn well do this myself. Then he warned me what he would do to me if I got myself into this position. But did I listen then? No! And now he’s walking over here with a big grin on his face and taking warm up swings with that damned paddle. Boy is he going to roast my rump but good … and right here, in the open, where anyone can see me him soundly spanking my big, bare bottom. Ugh, I hate it when he’s right, especially when I'll be reminded of it every time I sit down for the next week.

Ronnie: Oh dear, it's stuck. I'm not going to be sitting very comfortably later - he told me he'd fix it when he came home.

Hermione: Here he comes with the switch. I wish I hadn't tipped that bucket of water over him while he was sleeping.

From Hermione's Heart

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