Sunday, February 4, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #213

Welcome to what I hope will be a very lively brunch. This week's topic was submitted by fellow blogger Enzo.

Finding myself single again, which I haven't been for a long time; I am reluctantly contemplating the dating scene. Yet, I have so many questions about online dating which seems the norm these days...Before I venture down the online dating course I was curious if any readers have had any experience, positive or negative, with online dating.

More specifically, since my tastes are not what most would consider mainstream, I was particularly interested if anyone has tried specific spanking sites, or mentioned their spanking preferences on "vanilla" dating sites?

I hope we can all help him out in whatever way we can. Please leave your response in the comments section below. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, I will publish a summary of our conversation.
From Hermione's Heart


Eric51 Amy49 said...

Hello there and you should so be talking to my cousin, Sara. I did the single thing for quite a time between my ex and Eric. I was on Match and a few others; all very vanilla but at that time, I didn't realize how non-vanilla I could be. Anyway, long story short, Sara has shown me some of the sites she's on and though she's never said anything about "spanking" she does have her fetishes. That said, she's on Tinder and loves it. Was created as a hook up site but people are very open on it as to what they are and are not looking for. I've seen many many many men advertising a dom and even a few sub positions on that site. Unlike Match, both parties swipe right if they are interested and you are only put in contact with each other if you both said yes. On Match, it's like asking for a date. Anyway, Sara has had quite a few good dates off of Tinder and she is a bit out there. People tend to be more straight forward on that site. She also likes Bumble. Same concept (both people must swipe) but if there is a match, only the girl can start a conversation. If you want to talk about spanking and you are on bumble, you can be pretty sure if you and a girl match AND she reaches out, you're on the same page. Again, as far as I know, Sara isn't into the spanking scene so I don't know about any other sites. Can only share what I've seen as she and I scroll around looking for someone she'd like.

Roz said...

This is a great question. I'm afraid I have no experience with online dating though so can't offer any advice.


ronnie said...

Sorry can't help as I don't have any personal experience of online dating. One of our nephews met his wife through a dating site.


Anonymous said...

A best friend, she tried online dating, never again, it was a well advertise site. The creep was just that, lucky they met in a very public space, she need some help.

Anonymous said...

Met current spankee via a spanking website. Most responses were cringe worthy but a few were sane. We have been together, in various stages, over 2 years now. Both of us emailed and talked quite a bit before meeting. We do care deeply about each other, in every way.

We are a few hours apart, so we physically get together several times per year.

Just be careful. Funny thing is, I did not want my trusting spankee so easily trusting at the start (when I did not know if she would seek others, too), and one of my self imposed rules is actually old fashioned, to show I am trust worthy. I required her first spanking be normally clothed, just otk on jeans. I told her I would freely let her up after, which I did. I wanted to reinforce that until she knew she could trust me, she would maintain the ability to abort the first meeting. She saw I was sincere, and 2 hours later, her bare bottom was doing a spanky dance over my knee. Been there dozens of times since.

Just take it slow. Meet in a public spot first. (We met at a restaurant btw, and I rented a B2b home a mile away).

Talk tons first. We covered everything that would occur regarding spanking before we met. While I am an extremely hard spanker, she also knows I have self imposed limits. No wandering hands, no using implements I think of as more S&M than spanking (such as the cane), no hitting anywhere except for the padded location w/o bones to break my spankee needs attention paid to. (Well I do spank the sit spot thoroughly, too).

Careful, careful, careful.