Saturday, February 10, 2018

You Finished this Sentence

Once I realized my mistake...

Amy: ...I put a pen and paper next to my bed so I could write down all of the grand ideas I have at midnight. ;)

Ronnie: was too late, I was over his knee getting spanked.

KDPierre: ...I immediately regretted that life doesn't come with a reset feature like video games do.

Anon 1:  ...I knew I'd soon be standing in the corner with my sore, red bottom on display so my husband could admire his handiwork (or rather, his brushiwork).

...I knew there was no getting out of the spanking he'd promised me if I made this mistake again.

...I apologized, which at least saved me for the moment, but only postponed the fate that awaited me when my boyfriend got me home.

...I knew I wouldn't be sitting comfortably for the next week.

...I dared my husband to follow through on his threat to spank me--which proved to be my second  mistake.

Bernie: ...I went to the closet, got the paddle, undressed and waited for the inevitable.

Hands63: ...I blamed the dog.

Lea: ...I tried to hold it in, to keep me out of trouble--but I just blurted it out, like I always do!

Anon 2: ..I turned tail and ran.

Minelle: backside began to tingle in anticipation of my future spanking!

Sir Wendel: I was already getting the paddle once I realized my mistake.

Anon 3: ...I asked myself what President Trump would do in a situation like this, so I claimed that the very idea that I had made a mistake was fake news. My husband's reaction was to inform me the very idea that I was too old to be spanked was fake news, and then he proved it by giving me the most real spanking I've ever received.

Hermione: ...I pulled up my panties and said, "Sorry I thought I heard you say 'I want to spank you'. You're welcome."
From Hermione's Heart

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Pygar said...

Love all of those comments. Well done!!!


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