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From the Top Shelf - In a Mist, Chapter 21

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Lennox is enjoying his time at tutor to wayward girls at Lymchurch House. today we meet his new favourite, as well as some also-rans.

Chapter 21 - In which Lennox discovers his perfect soul mate and a thief gets her just reward!

Although small-boned and delicately built, Christine was quite a big-bottomed girl for her size. Her slender shoulders and narrow waist accentuated the provocative flare of her hips. When she bent down to tie up her shoelace the sight of her proffered buttocks in all their magnificent vulgarity, her skirt-seat stretched to bursting point, was enough to inspire the most sadistic fantasies in any red-blooded man.

If any girl was born to feel the bite of a cane across her pretty behind it was Christine. She came from a Catholic Anglo-Irish family. The rites of confession, absolution and penance were in her blood. At the convent school she'd attended the Sisters of Mercy had taken the leather strap to her bottom on many occasions.

So it was that, unlike some of the girls at Lymchurch who objected strenuously to receiving physical correction, Christine accepted it without protest or demur - as though it were the most natural thing in the world to offer her well-rounded bottom for chastisement.

Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, Lennox was swift to take full advantage of Christine's uncomplaining acquiescence. A quiet, thoughtful girl, she was not the kind to spearhead a classroom mutiny or flout even the most trivial of school rules, so in the beginning Lennox had to invent reasons for punishing her.

In desperation he found himself resorting to the flimsiest of excuses. He would detain her after morning classes and say: "Christine, I am dissatisfied with your progress. Report to my study this evening after Prep. Perhaps a good spanking over my knee will help you to smarten up your ideas," and she would redden and look down at her shoes. He'd crook his index finger under her chin and compel her to look up into his face. Did he detect in those timorous eyes a tiny tremor of desire? She'd give an embarrassed gasp as he dismissed her with a sharp slap on her bottom.

Despite her unprotesting compliance Christine was only human. To be sentenced to a spanking was, for her, a well-merited penance the justice of which she never questioned - but that never made it any less of an ordeal for her. How it excited him to imagine her feelings of mounting trepidation as the afternoon lengthened into evening and the time approached when she would have to knock timidly on his study door, her heart in her mouth, and enter, a delectably blushing schoolgirl in white blouse, grey pleated skirt, and ankle socks that made her look much younger than her eighteen years, to hear him say those by now all too familiar words:

"Ah, Christine, come for your spanking, have you? Lock the door behind you, there's a good girl, and slip out of your skirt and knickers...you won't be needing them for the next hour or more...ow then, let's get this naughty big bottom of yours well stuck up across my lap so that I can really give it the firm treatment it deserves...oh dear, tears of penitence flowing already, even before I've begun? How very commendable in a young lady...now then, I think we'll have this bottom a little higher please...excellent..now relax your bumcheeks...come on now, legs well apart...no need to be shy with me,Christine, I've seen everything you've got many times before!"

And then he'd commence spanking her. Slowly, unhurriedly, savouring her petrified little squeals of embarrassment and pain. Savouring too the heady intimacy of palm against bottom-flesh, each sonorous smack kneading the plump, jouncy buttocks - prising them apart to disclose, to her intense mortification, her tight little anus and the deep cleft below delicately fringed with fine brown curls...

So deliciously compliant did Christine turn out to be that soon Lennox no longer felt the need to invent excuses for punishing her. Her nocturnal visits to his study grew longer and more frequent until they became the talk of the dormitories. Nor were her visits now solely confined to his study. Before very long Lennox was ushering sweet submissive Christine up the back stairway to his bedroom.

She became his pet, his toy, his favourite plaything. He grew besotted with her, and she with him - for Christine was the kind of girl who, especially in those turbulent war years, needed the firm reassurance and guiding hand of a 'father figure', her own beloved father having perished at Dunkirk.

Apart from her natural submissiveness what else was it about Christine that caused him to single her out from the rest of the girls? Her grey-green eyes? Her mousey-brown collar-length hair cut in a zigzag fringe over her high forehead? Her finely-sculpted face with its high cheek-bones and its air of disdainful sulkiness?

Was it her voice, soft and husky, with its pleasing northern lilt? Did it remind Lennox of his own home town and all those bonny Yorkshire lasses there whose bottoms he'd secretly, guiltily, ached to chastise?

Was it her slow-moving lazy sensuality, the pronounced heaviness of her hips that made her bottom sufficiently plump to draw attention to it, making it seem ideally formed to be spanked and caned?

Or was it the delightful softness of her pale translucent skin, and the fact that - at least in the first few weeks that he regularly punished her - it marked so easily?

All those things, together with the quiet unstinting devotion she showed towards him, both aroused his passions and touched his heart. There was a sense of completeness that he'd never experienced before with any other girl - not even Elizabeth. Now, for the very first time in his life, Lennox felt himself to be a whole person. In short, he fell in love.

Then again, of course, there were plenty of naughty girls in Lennox's establishment who merited the most rigorous discipline that he could mete out, particularly crop-haired Annette Lewis with her big blue eyes, Susan Jones whose long straight hair was the colour of ripe corn, sultry, raven-haired Pamela Rawlinson who never seemed to be out of trouble, and and luscious blonde Lucy Palmer whom Lennox once had to cane in front of the whole school for pilfering cigarettes from the village stores.

Lucy's come-uppance occurred one Friday morning during prayers. While the assembled girls sang the hymn "All Things Bright and Beautiful" accompanied on the piano by Miss Davies, a formidable Welsh schoolmistress who shared Lennox's views on strict discipline and who, together with young Mr.Gosling the local curate, comprised the entire teaching staff, Lucy Palmer, a pert little mischief-maker with her blonde hair in pigtails and her pale blue eyes radiating their deceptively angelic innocence, was led into the room by a grim-faced Lennox and ordered to prepare herself for punishment.

Lucy knew full well what that meant. All canings at Lymchurch were administered to the bare buttocks. In full view of everyone, she was expected to lower her skirt and knickers and present her bare bottom to be thrashed.

What courage Lucy had mustered for the ordeal rapidly deserted her. Tears began to roll down her pretty cheeks as she loosened the buttons of her skirt.

As the girls reached the final verse of the hymn, the wretchedly whimpering Lucy slipped her knickers down to her ankles and clumsily stepped out of them, trying vainly to shield her blonde pubic bush from general view.

"Turn around and present your bottom to your schoolmates, Lucy," Lennox, red with excitement, directed the weeping girl in the sternest, most pitiless voice he possessed.

Young Lucy Palmer looked every inch the fallen angel as, legs visibly quaking, she slowly inched herself round until her chubby little bottom came into full view of the hushed ranks of girls.

"Touch your toes, you little thief, I am going to give you twelve of the very best!" Lennox growled, grateful that the ample folds of his gown concealed the enormous erection he was now sporting.

"Oh sir, p-please have mercy on me!" the pretty culprit blubbered babyishly.

Seventeen-year-old Lucy Palmer's 'glamour girl' figure, her large firm breasts, narrow waist, and dramatically flaring hips was the envy of the school. Now every girl was agog to see her publicly stripped and flogged. Many was the girl that day who secretly exulted in poor Lucy's shameful fate.

The effort of reaching down and touching her toes made her gasp audibly. With her legs planted quite widely apart, as directed by Lennox, everyone present was treated to a clear view of Lucy's well-developed private parts.

Outside, the craggy leather-jerkined figure of Mr.Tomms laid down the garden hoe he was using to weed the stone-flagged paths and peered in furtively through the leaded windows. He gave a wheezy grunt of pleasure to see the caning of Lucy Palmer in progress. Saucy young trollop! He'd lost count of the number of times she'd flaunted herself at him - and he a respectably married man, too!

Many was the time she'd hitched up her skirt and brazenly flashed her teenage thighs at him. Now he too was gloatingly witnessing her moment of abject shame. Now, while the cane whipped down bitingly across her reddening bottom cheeks, he was getting considerably more of an eyeful of Lucy's intimate charms than she'd ever deigned to show him!

A huge grin of delight animated his habitually sullen features. Unbuttoning his trouser-flies he began to fondle his swollen member.

As the caning neared its end, Lucy Palmer's fat little bottom was no longer pale ivory. Blazing red, criss crossed with thick, plum-coloured weals, it wriggled and gyrated with a life of its own as it desperately tried to dodge the cruel swishy rod of retribution.

"There's one little baggage who won't be sitting down comfortably for a week!" Tomms laughed coarsely. Through the leaded windows he heard the explosive impact of cane on bottom, heard the shrill soprano screams of Lucy as the cane bit into her soft bottom-flesh, heard the gasps and murmurs of disbelief from the assembled girls. It was all music to his lecherous ears.

On the verge of bringing himself off he thought better of it and ambled off in search of Florence.
What a busy man our hero is! Next week we finally reach the end of the story. Will Elizabeth return?
From Hermione's Heart


jilly said...

I love this. And it resonates with me so strongly, especially because a) my friend and I were long-distance at first, too, and that fantasy version was fantastically sexy and fun when we were together, but it sucked when we were apart

Eric51 Amy49 said...

Thanks for a good read and for posting the prior chapters. Just sitting around. Plenty of time to go back and start at the beginning.

Roz said...

Oh poor Lucy! Oh goodness, falling in love with one of the girls? Looking forward to the finale Hermione. Wonder if Elizabeth will reappear.


jilly said...

I really enjoyed this piece, – thanks so much for articulating fantasy v. reality in such a sweet, engaging way. A pleasure to read!

Hermione said...

I have enjoyed the story too, and will be sorry to see it come to an end.


ronnie said...

Enjoyed this. Thank you, Hermione.

I did think we would see Elizabeth again, but now I'm not too sure. Look forward to next week's final chapter.