Sunday, June 3, 2018

Spanko Brunch 2.0 #230

Welcome back to another spanko brunch. First on the agenda is the ongoing absence of emailed comments. Blogger no longer permits comments from OpenID users (if you don't have a Google account, you may not comment), and that is what caused the trouble. So here's how to get notified by email every time a comment is posted:

Go into Settings, then to Posts, comments and sharing, and beside Who can comment? select User with Google accounts. Save, and the problem should be resolved.

The weather has turned very warm here, and I've been watching our garden grow. That turned my thoughts to cooking with our lovely vegetables when they're ready, and that led me to examine all the dual-purpose spanking implements (aka cooking tools) in our kitchen.

Do you make use of kitchen utensils or tools during a spanking? If so, are they the same ones that you normally use for cooking, or are they reserved for spanking? Do you find they are sturdy enough to serve the purpose?

As usual, leave your response as a comment, and I will publish a summary of our discussion once everyone has had a chance to respond.
From Hermione's Heart


abby said...

First, thank you, I am sure by now everyone here knows that I completely dunce when it comes to computer...Your directions were easy to follow...perfect!
Kitchen utensils....have been used, but not often. Every now and them, Master will want to play...go into a certain room and bring me back something to spank you with..and there is a time limit...and kitchen as been that room. He does not have a kitchen tool in his 'toy bag'. The wooden spatulas and mixing spoon are more than sturdy enough....and yes, after they have had there day in the dish washer, they are back to their normal use...hugs abby

Bonnie said...

The answer for us is yes and both. We have some spoonish wooden implements that were purchased for spanking and reside in the toy box. There are also several pervertable objects in the kitchen than can and are adapted for this purpose when the need arises. Along with the usual wooden spoons and spatulas, we also have a hardwood cutting board that is about an inch thick and shaped like a paddle. Let's just say that our selection of this particular design was not a coincidence. Sturdy? Yes, I can attest to that.

A.J. said...

What Abby said: "...after they have had their day in the dish washer.."

Years ago I had a great talk with a pro-domme. We talked about what her life was like and soon got to the "tools" at her disposal. Tools I would never want used on me!

The most interesting part is when she described - in detail - how she cleaned and disinfected those tools after they were used and why, especially the leather ones. I asked her how she learned all this and she told me she had a whole bunch of clients who were either faculty or students at a nearby (and world famous) medical university! They taught her the whys and wherefores and she was absolute in her determination to keep all her tools clean and sterile. And she added - You do the same thing.

Abby is right - throw it in the dishwasher to make sure it's clean!


Roz said...

Hi Hermione, thank you for the blogger update.

Yes, the wooden spoon and occasionally spatula have been used for both spanking and have definitely proven sturdy enough! They are also used in cooking, as Abby said with thorough washing in between.


Fondles said...

sadly, i did that with the comments setting, and i still get no notifications. it probably works for pop-out window comments, but not embedded comments. However I find that changing it to a pop out makes it harder for me to reply.

and on to the question - we do use spatulas and wooden spoons for spanking, but these are not the same ones used for actual cooking :)

willie said...

Years ago when we first started Dd, B used a triangular olive wood spatula. The only time it was used in the kitchen was to aid in lifting the turkey out of the pan on Xmas Day, so we had forgotten about it until, you guessed it Xmas Day. I had to sneak it past all our guests to return it to the kitchen to use it for it's intended purpose!

We have a few kitchen things that have been purchased specifically for spanking ( a silicone icing 'spatula' from Betty Crocker that has a metal piece inside- we know because our original one eventually broke/wore out) is probably the most brutal. The most unusual kitchen thing B has used was during a spur of the moment spanking ( a punishment) - a small rolling pin used for fondant. Essentially it is a dowel that is 8 inches long and about the size of a toonie in diameter (Sorry for the non-Canadians who don't know what a toonie is...LOL). To look at it I would have never thought it to be a pervertable. Let me tell you it was effective!


Unknown said...

Thanks for the solution, but I am uncertain that it is the correct one. If someone is not signed in on their device with google, then it appears to me that they will no longer be permitted to leave anonymous comments. Some readers may want anonymity, and not to be signed in with Google.
Cindy uses the kitchen wooden soup stirrer, and it is devilishly effective. Only occasionally a wooden spatula, and both are used for cooking also.
bottoms up

NoraJean said...

.... as we dip our toes into implement land in newbie ttwd, a stingy bamboo salad tong has made an appearance. Dutifully sanitized and returned to its spot in the kitchen drawer, it gives me pause every time it comes out for its 'regular' use ... nj

Loki_Darksong said...

Originally I always found items like Wooden Spoons a waste of time for a spanker. I always felt that they didn't have enough weight behind it to be a proper use in a spanking.

But then during a trip to a local supermarket I came across these rather large soup spoons that to me had a great deal of potential. Then there's also this wooden barbecue grill scraper that is thick and shaped like a small wooden paddle. And just begs to be used as a spanking implement. You can find them at a Home Depot, Walmart or any such similar stores.

I own the scraper and plan to put it through a proper try out at some point in the very near future. And I'm considering giving the wooden soup spoons a similar testing.

ronnie said...

We don't use kitchen implements often for spanking. When we have it's been the wooden spoon and spatula and both are used for cooking.

Thanks for the blogger update.