Friday, June 1, 2018

Friday FUN

In our neighbourhood there are two Little Free Libraries, where there are books that are free to take. I often leave books that I have finished, and always look through the contents of the little cabinets to see what hidden gems I can find. Earlier this week I found a children's book with the cover pictured above.  Oh, that took me back to my childhood, when I avidly read all the books in the series, fervently hoping for a caning or slippering.

 I had good reason to hope. Take a look at the alternate covers for the book I picked up.

Whacking implements prominently displayed on the cover here.

And here. Not sure what the game is, but it seems to be popular.

And again.

Here is one from another book in the series. Where is that open hand going to end up?

The covers are much more fun than the contents within, but believe me, I used my imagination and made up plenty of stories about that naughty girl.
From Hermione's Heart


Roz said...

Hi Hermione,

Gosh, this is a real walk down memory lane, I used to love Enid Blyton! and yes, I used to always hope to read about a spanking too lol.

Thank you for the memories :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend :)


NoraJean said...

Hmmm ... wondering how I missed this series as a kid, especially since my Gram was the librarian. They look a lot more interesting than Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys :)) ... have a great weekend, Hermione! ... nj ... xx

Rosie Jones said...

I loved Enid Blyton stories. The Famous Five series was my favourite.
I think the game was lacrosse, played a lot in upper-crust schools in England.
Rosie xx

kdpierre said...

I believe they are playing lacrosse.

As for the innuendo? Well the title certainly lends itself to some speculation or hope......but the images aren't really that suggestive to me.

opsimath said...

Delightful memories -- thank you, Hermione. I remember buying a new Ladybird book every Friday when by daughter was small. In fact, it was reading one of them to the Head Teacher of the school her nursery was part of when she was just three years old -- that won her a Reader's Proficiency certificate.

The hoops are lacrosse sticks -- by the way, lacrosse was first played in Canada ;) !

To be honest, I couldn't see anything remotely suggestive in the cover pictures, but then 'to the pure ...O) !

Have a great week-end.

Hermione said...

Yes of course, lacrosse! I was getting confused with field hockey. Guess I'm not much of a sports fan.