Saturday, June 23, 2018

You FInished this Sentence

Someone should invent...

Anon 1: ... the “The Holo Deck” from Star Trek. The saying “What Happens Here, Stays Here” would really be true if each home had one or two. Anything is possible, it is only the mind that prevents it.

Bonnie: ... a spank-o-meter. It purportedly counts the number of swats delivered. Using today's technology, it is possible to both count swats and track velocity. It could work with any sort of implement (perhaps a wrist-mounted Fitbit sort of setup). After entering the weight, length, and striking area of the chosen implement, the software can calculate and track the force transferred throughout the spanking. Both sting and thud scores could be assigned. An online forum will allow adventurous spankos to anonymously post and compare their spanking statistics and photos.

KDPierre: ... a "Hypocrisy Equalizer". It would be a legal device worn by anyone who would want one, that detected hypocrisy in themselves and others they had to deal with. Depending on the level of hypocrisy, it would dispense justice via a measured penalty. In mild cases maybe a slight electrical shock? In average cases, maybe the implanted experience of being soundly spanked? In extreme cases, perhaps spontaneous human combustion? Washington would start to sound like a war zone.

Sir Wendel: ... the Hover Paddle. Remote controlled paddle so one can continue to spank their partner while making dinner.

Anon 2: ... Spanko Radar so you could instantly recognize other spankos in a crowd.

Hermione: ... the spanking glove. It feels like shin against a bare bottom, but it is a tough, resilient glove that will protect the spanker's hand from damage, and permit a hand spanking to continue for hours, if necessary.
From Hermione's Heart

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Minielle Labraun said...

Great Hermionie! I would want an honesty meter and then a punishment for truly FAKE honesty!